Home Fires - Nothing Left To Do,
Not The Same Old Point Of View,
Say You Do...
Little Bitches, Learn My Trades,
All The Fences I Stick Up Your Face,
Love Is a Number...

I Died On The Carpet, Now That Is A Scene!
Volleys of Angels - I Spread Them With Wings,
Love Is A Number...

One Of The Lies, One Of The Looks, One Of The Times...
I've Just Left The House, I'm Through Making Out With My Dreams!
I Feel Left Out,
I'm Through Making Out,
Love Is A Number...

Midnight, Walks In Love...
The Secret Is Up, Your Face Is Down,
Love Is A Number...

Gika-gika, And To The Men Who Chose Lies...
What Is Science, When History's In Doubt?
Some Say... Some Say Sixth Sense...
Some Say... Some Say Sixth Sense...
Some Say... Some Say Sixth Sense Sense Sense Sense!

I've Just Left The Room, No More Can Consume
This Kiss... (This Kiss!)
This Kisses We Made
The Messes... We Meant It?

Home Fires - Nothing Left To Do,
Never Wasting Words With You, Say You Do...
Shallow Secrets Cross My Head
All The Symbols I Stick In Your Head, that
Love Is A Number

And You're Wailing Wailing Wailing, It's True
I Fucking Love Myself, I Better Love You...
Some Say, Some Say Sixth Sense... (I Better Love You)
Some Say, Some Say Sixth Sense... (I Think About You)
Some Say, Some Say Sixth Sense... (I Only Want To Speak The Truth)
Some Say, Some Say Sixth Sense Sense Sense... (I Think About You)
(I Think About You, Ohh...)

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    General CommentIt's not "I fucking love myself", it's "If I can't love myself" according to the vinyl lyric sheet. I misheard this before looking. The sheet also states "Some say sic sense", which I take to meaning that he knows others share his views on love.
    futureimageon July 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI got the album which has all the lyrics and um...these are all completely wrong. For a start the chorusy bit (sex sells) is actually "Some say sic sounds" which writes off the prostitue thing. Fin says its personal to him and means something different to everyone. i just dont understand why im the only one commenting this song!
    calibooon April 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOMG i hate the fact that i love this song but can't understand it. i don't even know what love is a number means. argh! then i think, ooo good old songmeanings.net will have the answer.....but as you can see.... and the gimp above didn't even correct the lyrics.

    My current theory is that love is just something that occurs spontaneously like it is just a part of natural order and can't be avoided but he wants to avoid it.
    one two three four five six seven eight love ...

    This song is too good to be misunderstood. Help!
    InfidelityWeTruston May 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think its just sayingt hat he doesnt take love seriously, u know just a number, something senseless,stadistics.... and it says i better love you... i might be wrong but i always got it this way...
    this band is amazing i bum them so much and im seeing them next tuesday cant fucking wait....
    stereocaseon December 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHome fires, nothing left to do,
    Not the same old point of
    ...say you do
    Little bitches, learn my tricks,
    All defences i stick up your face
    And love is a number

    I died on the carpet, now that is a scene!
    of angels, i spread them with wings
    Overtouched... love is
    a number
    One of the lies, one of the looks, one of the

    I've just left the house
    through making out
    With my dreams
    Well i feel left
    I'm through making out:
    Love is a number.

    Midnight, walks alone
    The secret is up, your face
    is down,
    And love is a number

    (gika-gika!) and
    to the men who chose lies:
    What is science, when
    history's in doubt?

    Some say
    Some say sex
    Some say
    Some say sex sells (etc)

    I've just left the room, i no more can consume
    kiss (...this kiss)
    Those kisses we made
    The messes...
    we meant it?

    Home fires, nothing left to do
    Never wasting words with you
    Say you do

    Shallow secrets cross my head
    All the symbols i stick in
    your head
    That love is a number

    And you're
    wailing, you're wailing, you're wailing, it's
    I fucking love myself
    I better love you
    say / some say sex sells (i better love you)
    Some say /
    some say sex sells (i think about you you)
    Some say / some
    say sex sells (i always speak the truth)
    Some say / some
    say sex sells (i think about you)

    I think about


    well, i think this song is questioning how meaningful love/sex is in todays society, (some say sex sells).. anyways,

    the whole "love is a number" is a way of looking at love as just another hook up, add one to the tally sort of thing...

    anyways thats what i think, feel free to agree or disagree, i think the song is open to all different views...
    alternativeon January 28, 2007   Link
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    General Commentapparently they don't know what number love is either. finn/jasper guessed the # 3. but apparently they don't know exactly what it's about either. according to them that seems to be true about more than one song.
    bristenaon February 06, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Some say sic sense". I think this is the key to the song, as I interprete 'sic sense' to mean through all caution to the wind. I think they're trying to say that people sometimes over-consider the consequences of their actions. 'What is Science, when History's in doubt' implies that nothing is set in stone anyway, and since even science and history may not be accurate, implications of a human mistake probably do not matter.

    I think that the gist of the song is that the protagonist is tired of the futility of inaction, and wants to give this love a chance, even though he is unsure of the other party's response and the outcome of the relationship. He is trying to persuade himself that the consequences of his move will not matter much, since "Love is" only "a number", also implying that he has had many failed romances, and he has become jaded with the concept of love that he impersonalises past relationships by discarding them as just numbers.

    In short, I think this song is about a guy trying to sort out a stalemate in his quandary with regards to romance.
    minhengon May 12, 2007   Link

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