'I'm your father.'

'The force will be with you, always'

'The force is with you, young Skywalker'

'But you are not a Jedi yet.'

'I can ...'

'You dont know about power of the dark side.'

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War And Peace song meanings
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    General CommentFrom the first 'Star Wars'
    Ocean Soulon February 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSemitic goddesses of war—Agasaya, Anath
    Persian goddesses of war—Anahita
    Celtic goddesses of war—Andraste
    Egyptian goddesses of war—Ankt, Anouke, Sakhmet, Neith, Menhit
    Babylonia goddesses of war—Ashtart
    Grecian goddesses of war—Athena, Enyo
    Celtic goddesses of war—Badb, the Morrigan
    Roman goddesses of war—Bellona, Minerva
    Chaldean goddesses of war—Eshara
    Sumerian goddesses of war—Inanna. Nanaja
    Slavic goddesses of war—Zroya

    Mayan war gods—Ah Chuy Kak, Ah Cun Can, Ah Hulneb, Ahulane, Buluc Chabtan, Ekchuah, Nacon
    Armenian war gods—Aray
    Grecian war gods—Ares
    Assyrian war gods—Ashur
    Tibetan war gods—Beg-tse
    Celtic war gods—Belatu-Cadros, Caswallawn, Teutates
    Japanese war gods—Bishamon, Futsu-Nushi-no-Kami
    Haitian war gods—Bugid Y Aiba
    Persian war gods—Dev,
    Spartan war gods—Enyalius
    Teutonic war gods—Donar, Irmin
    Aztec war gods—Camaxtli, Huitzilopochtli, Mixcoatl
    Hispanic war gods—Cariocienus
    Babylonian war gods—Erra, Ninurta
    Hindu war gods—Indra, Karttikeya
    Taoist war gods—Guan-di
    Africa war gods—Gun
    Shinto war gods—Hachiman
    Hungarian war gods—Hadur
    American Indian war gods—Ictinike
    Hawaiian war gods—Kukailimoku
    Etruscan war gods—Laran
    Roman war gods—Mars
    Egyptian war gods—Mentu, Septu, Seth, Wepwawet
    Mexican war gods—Mextli
    Slavic war gods—Svantetit, Svetovit, Rugiviet, Jarovit, Triglav
    Polynesian war gods—Tu, Tu Matauenga, Oro, Maru


    Goddesses of Peace
    Tara, Irene (Eirene), Pax, Kuan Lin, Macha, Matsu, Hi, Gaea, Brigit, Quan Yin

    Intriguing how war overpowers peace ….
    sillybunnyon October 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWar certainly outnumbers peace: Does War in fact overpower it?
    The proof of that is yet to be proven ultimately.
    Major Valoron October 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThen I wish the peace goddesses unheard of luck with all my heart ...
    sillybunnyon October 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentNo matter how your heart is grieving
    If you keep on believing
    the dream that you wish will come true
    sillybunnyon October 06, 2006   Link

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