I march with my headphones on
and keep a smile on my face like the first emotion while you're mowing
your lawn
I'm flippin' poems that keep de la's eyes
blood shot and wide open til the break a dawn (a 1 2)
sometimes I've got to wonder if this body is mine
all I do is write songs, stay on the grind
when I was young I thought that I would be an astronaut
but now I speak in riddles and the people clap a lot
the rabid fox of rapping is back
while your stuck like a fly on flypaper, can you handle that?
I know you need to get your crew laced
but step to me or Muad'dib and we will squeeze you like some toothpaste.
You squeeze me like a teddy bear thanks for the hug
Don't sound hardcore saying gimme the love
You're pulling me out to the very end of my wits
but I keep on holding tight like a vice grips, like this

See, we march to the beats of a different funky drummer 'cuz nobody
else can match the dance steps
When the parade hits your face from the stage, quit your talking like
you sat and drank a six pack of canned strep
Let the learning curve mimic the surface pf the earth so you never
really know until you're under it
Time's over, pencil down, this ain't no make-up exam
Grab my trusty red pen and get to plundering, hungering
Succinct with instincts extinct to your upbringing
Stinging tongue slinging's fucked up like upchuck flinging
Dispatch potatomato molasses hash at averageness
Stand rigid with frigid digits to cast kelvin degree scale damages
Damn vicious, isn't it
Creeps into your bones, it's so cold
Come stand with it
Man, misses, or young scamp in tan britches
To dance with this is to plant a madman's frantic, frivolous,
expanding, random, dancing images into your visual cortex for
enhancement and ammunition
Peak preternatural precision
Known to throw colorful globes that explode like Fantavision

You should do your homework, You need to learn a lesson
Just look inside my eyes and see what you can find
I can help you find your worth, no need for second guessin'
Just look inside my eyes and see what you can find
Your moving too fast kid, you're losing your control
Just look inside my eyes and see what you can find
If you want to do it right, you have to bear your soul
Just look inside my eyes and see what you can find

We march like the intro to your pep rally
bring in the band,
watch 'em stand up scream and clap hands
Our crowd stays up, it don't need a kick stand
you couldn't fill the void if you was the gap band
sound like crap man, so I'll chill and wait a second
No, I'll wait a first. Seconds yours its worse
curse me if you hate me but embrace me when I get down
Your style is thrown together like a shantytown
how does that sound? like garbage
the newscast will tell the viewers just to turn away rather than face
the carnage.
back to garbage if you talk trash here's the end result
make like orange juice, you get beaten to a pulp.
I wonder if you can stomach this, lets get it cleared up
I'll admit you've got a look but its a fuckin' weird touch
You should take up drinking cause your whole career sucks
Winnie the Poo and Tigger both had beer guts. Guess what?

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