10 minutes to 240, anything to fit the format
Blend chords, ripple effect to get the floor packed
Kick doors back and flip the doormat
Split your thorax, Mr. Living Rorschach
Done with dummy shit, you want a run at this, get it cracking
Saying your spray is staying tough acting like Tinactin
Venom leaks from the pen then I sink teeth into it
Thin fluid get the beat to seep in and bend to it
Peep the decent, no need to pretend
Stretch the wings wide, feel the G's, man
The fall's not fatal, the street at the end
That's the bucket kicker, did your whiskers leave an imprint?
Life's a gamble against a dealer that stacks the deck
Plus the man's sleight of hand, maddeningly adept
Battling me except this hand is the best yet
So with that out the way, make your bet
Spool it out, loom duel of the mouth weaves tight things
Lines fly too long, cut 'em like kite strings

Its basic, take steps to break dead spaces or rest in distress with all
the stone faces

I get a dollar for my thoughts, got a hundred ideas
and laugh like the Joker while you're reduced to tears
tears are what you get a little dent in your pride
I'm a play the back like the rainbow sticker on your ride
lost my peace of mind when Jam master Jay died
role model from the get go, inspiring, guide
first rap tape I ever had was Run DMC
from there the voice of Hip Hop imbedded in me
So what's inside of you? A can of worms, burning pockets
your a cap throw up, I'm heavy metal block hits
shit hits the fan I brought my umbrella,
make kids nod their heads when I flip an accapella
these fellas. well they wrote the book on incompetence
I act like Erika Badu and work with my common sense
hence whenever I try, I'm doomed to succeed
this is rap mother fuckers words are better than deeds
stick with it that's what I say, this is not a democracy
you've stumbled into class, its Felix style philosophy
the shit that I cook up might not be the best
but you put me on the clock, I'm doper than your favorite Iron Chef
ask Chen Kinichi, he'll tell you how he feels
you're far too salty serve hotter for appeal
your brain bones connected to your ass bone, that's real
could'a been dope, but you was spoiled, broken seal

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