Yeah yeah
Flip it, stick it
And see your little butt
Don't ask me why
But girl you've got some thighs
Lick my dick
Stick it in your clit
And scream holy shit
From the way I move my hips
Up and down
Back and forth
Right side up
I'll poke you like a pitchfork
Bitches gotta be real
If you're synthetic
Starting tomorrow you're balls come off
That's pathetic
Here comes Jay
To sex it up
Yo Jay
Come and bring me up

Staring at the wall
Bitch two feet tall
Sucking on my balls
I get a call
She's a slut
That's right
Do it in her butt
Put you in the oven
With some stove top stuffing
Brando says (That's me)
Go get some head
So I fucked her face
Until it was erased bitch

Bitch two feet tall
Jay fucked her face
Against the wall (It's true)
Bitch two feet tall
He jized on her tits
After all (Oh my)
Bitch two feet tall
Jay likes them young
And tight inside (I do)
Bitch two feet tall
He's got a honda
It's quite the ride
(Good times)

Punch your face
And kick your ass
Put your ass
In my mother fuckin' back (No)
Slit your throught
Eat your children
Have some cake
And then I blow up a building
I'm a killer
(He's dangerous)
I wish I had some
'Cause I'm hungry (Hungry?)
Hungry as fuck
Hungry as fuck
Hungry as fuck
(Hungry as fuck)

J what you talking about
Give me a shot
Pass me a beer
Or rip out some pot
You think you were hungry
I just smoked 6 bowls
My stomach is yearning
For some cinnimon rolls (Mmm mmm)
Fuck that shit
I just want to drink
Fuck some hos
And smoke some reef
But that fucking bitch
That's dos feet tall
Stoled all of my money
And spent it at the mall

Yo Brando
Why you gotta playa hate like that
She took your money
So what the fuck's wrong with that
You like to floor
So do I
So let's drink some 40s
And make it to the sky
Edward scizzorhands
With the 40Ds
Beamers like that
Like a bag of trees
Sexual J comes up
With the arbor mist
K-money coming in
With a vodka twist

Brando's all pissed
'Cause he ate and gained blitz
Fuck you
More fucking tits
At least I didn't get
My dick sucked by
The dos feet tall
Bitch up against the wall


Oh Oh (Bitch)
Oh Oh Oh (Public Ed)
Oh Oh (Darn)
Oh Oh Oh (J loves it)
Oh Oh (Wigga wigga wigga)
Oh Oh Oh (Wigga what?)
Uh uh oh uh uh uh uh oh (Wigga wigga wigga wigga what?)

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Bitch Dos Feet Tall (Formerly Bitch Two Feet Tall) song meanings
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