I think her pony-tails are a little too tight
Because she's alone walking with me in this moon-light
Tonight she fits in my palm
The storm isn't anywhere close to calm
Look I've gone and captured the mortal
Put my face to hers clutched her by the torso
And when the lips touched I inhaled
Didn't matter that she hadn't been kissed much
It's such a shame some have a name
And everyone becomes the same
Can't help but adore each one he's torn
From the pores of the face of the earth's core
This is ones more difficult than the last one
This one had an open window she could ask him
If someday he'll be the one to come and save her
Take her away before she takes her away

Take her away to where she didn't need to go
Life fast, bleed slow
Will he ever know the power of speak
Wouldn't be what it was if the prey wasn't weak

Take a peak into the way I seek
The water for the creek
The daughter of the speak
Slaughter of the meak
The Godly technique
The monster march is to a different beat
She don't love herself no more
Won't be nobody elses whore
No one like him spoke before
Now he's gonna take her to see the seashore
There you can stare at the waves
Be brave, take your place
Your safe slowly
He traces her face with an index fingertip full of hate
Love 'em and leave 'em
Love'em or they leave you
Some see the glow but some glow is see through
As life leaves her body he screams me too
All he ever wanted was to teach you to reach you
Death is the cousin of sleep
Just close your eyes count sheep and breathe deep
Think about the sound of relief that surrounds you
You were already gone before I found you

[Chorus] X4
Live fast, bleed slow
Live fast, bleed slow
The power of speak

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    General CommentManqito, how can you be so condescending and then proceed to write complete gibberish?

    The only person who can really understand this song is the author. Sean is a very creative guy but sometimes his lyrics just don't make much sense. There are often many contradictions in the songs that aren't telling a linear story. This makes deciphering the meaning very difficult.

    That said, I come away from this song with a very different interpretation. I really see this as the story of a serial killer who preys on severely depressed women.

    To really explain how I came up with this I would have to go line by line. Don't really want to do that. But take a look at the lyrics again with my view in mind.

    Some key lines:
    "Can't help but adore each one he's torn
    From the pores of the face of the earth's core"

    "Slaughter of the meak
    The Godly technique
    The monster march is to a different beat"

    And lastly, "Take her away before She (God) takes her
    This line got me thinking of the killer as something, I don't know, more than human. Like a deamon or the Devil maybe. He's in a sort of competition with God.

    I admit I might be completely wrong. Maybe later I'll write more supporting my argument. Let me know what you think.
    leesonon July 04, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIts very simple, that is if your even remotly cappable of understanding what a metephore meens. To me I can see a very hurt girl, as well as a "man" hidden under a fake skin. The girl thinks she is being saved and finally being returned to happiness. It almost like hes the devil, she doesnt understand what hes really doing to her. The metephore, is basically saying that shes been through crazy pain and just waiting for death to catch up. Shes depressed and ready to die.
    Im sure this has alot to do with his past relashonship with lucy. For My non atmoshpere lovers out there that would be his ex girlfriend. I think This song is brilliantly written, beuatifully peotic, trully deep. You can really feel the pain in this song.
    Mangitoon July 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOk, this is a great song.

    I think it is about a guy who finds a girl who has been hurt by too many men.. but she is already too far gone in the past experience to let him in.
    mischiefisagameon October 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commentgod dammit, lucy is not hip-hop, slug said so in that one song, but it doesn't mean that lucy only means that.
    3pleTon October 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLeeson is close. He isnt just preying on depressed women, more specifically its prostitutes. Hence "she dont love herself no more wont be nobody else's whore" thats a slightly sarcastic statement commenting on the irony of being a prostitue which is basically preying on weak men and making money off them but at the same time destroying yourself through degrading sexual encounters. Anyway this man is obviously depressed and most likely older and without a wife or family. He hires prostitutes. Shows them a good time and then kills them as a way of revenge against the women who have hurt him in the past. This is idea is clearly explained through a few lines such as, "no one like him spoke before now hes gonna take her to see the sea shore" meaning he treats them well before the sex/killing because innately he is a good person who has succumb to severe depression. Also "this ones more difficult than the last one" meaning the girl in this story he really saw something in but hes in too deep so he still has to kill her. Also the first line "I think her ponytail's a little too tight" this is referring to the girls age. "A little too tight" is basically a metaphor for here being too young. .ost likely right around 18 and the man is probably 40+ that helps show that he's killing prostitutes. "Cant help but adore each one, he's torn" meaning he doesnt really want to be killing these people. He wants to believe and he wants to save these girls but hes been rejected and hurt so many times that he refuses to go back to that. Lastly the line "as life leaves her body sometimes he screams "me too"" this line means as hes killing the women hes metaphorically killing any chances hes ever had with any of these women which is ironic because they are prostitutes and he is killing them. Yet his innate goodness is still shining through as a big part of him knows what he is doing is wrong and he is only doing it because of the series of events that has led him here. And obviously the last line is pretty self explanatory if you understand the spmg as a whole. The girl is "already gone" because shes a prostitute, most likely on drugs and overall just not the ideal person haha. So he's saying to her as he kills her that she can be at peace now and all the terrible things that go into molding a prostitute will die with her too
    Acato769on May 25, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAgain, keep in mind that slug has said that many if not most of his "girl songs" are actually not about women but are allegorical. I, in a guess, think this song is actually about battling.
    gnickgnosison March 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLucy isn't a real person, this song isn't about her. Lucy is hip hop! It's just about a girl.
    skinflapon July 17, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think its kinda like magnito says.
    the song i think is talking about how Death is lurking this girl (for whatever reason) and how on this one night hes taking her. its also about how this girl has been through a lot of really tough shit and tonight Death is finally going to take her to a better place.
    id venture to say its based on a girl slug really knows, and shes went through some horrible shit, and is probably hooked on drugs and hopeless, and hes talking about how death is catching up to her.
    Peapodon February 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentPeapod, I really don't see anything that could lead someone to believe this "girl" is hooked on drugs... Could you point out what gave you that impression?
    Alkamiston April 04, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationListen to what I got to say?...

    I think when the guy found the girl he was orginally hoping to save her, like mischiefisagame said, but he found that she was just to damn gone already to be saved. So he went on with his manipulative ways like Leeson was getting to. Heres some of my thoughts and back ups with the lines:

    "Tonight she fits in my palm"

    That shows that he wants to mess with her, because he's got her right where he wants her and he has full grasp on her.

    "Look I've gone and captured the mortal"

    He's got what he wanted, and he has full control on the mortal (her)

    "Wouldn't be what it was if the prey wasn't weak"
    Her refers to her as the prey, and a prey is something/someone being hunted. That shows he wants to hunt her and ruin her, rather than save her. If it's his prey or victim, he wants to mess with her. But if he referred to her as his mission, or motivation, he'd be saving her.

    "She don't love herself no more
    Won't be nobody elses whore
    No one like him spoke before"

    She is so use to being used by men, she refuses to let them use her now. But she thinks this guy is different because he actually speaks to her, hence the last line "No one like him spoke before." The other guys just used her physically, while this guy is using her with words. Trying to trick her, or hypnotize her with his speech. So she believe he is different and will save her.

    "Think about the sound of relief that surrounds you
    You were already gone before I found you"

    She's finally dead, physically, but it's saying that she was mentally dead a long ass time ago. So there was never really any hope for her.

    Just an opinion. What do you guys think?
    fyisabrinaon July 02, 2009   Link

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