I sleep away the day and stay awake in the night.
Pondering and thinking about what’s good and what’s right.
Youre so easily amused, yet so hard to impress.
While, I’m the happiest guy you’ll meet who’s always depressed.
Bored out of my mind while keeping so entertained.
Wearing my spotless white T-shirt with a large coffee stain.
You’re Mrs. Know-it-all you don’t know what to do.
I’m caught up in myself but I’m thinking of you.

What’s your Contradiction?
Which of your facts are fiction?

You speak with an accent but you have perfect diction.
You say your words are facts but you know that they’re fiction.
You say you’re such a quiet person but you never shut up.
You meant to say “hello” instead you said “what’s up?”
Isn’t it funny how we contradict ourselves?
Like dreaming about heaven while youre living in hell.
Or saying a “hello” when you meant a “good-bye”
Or men theyre dead just for living a life.

I’m feeling so exhausted yet I don’t want to sleep.
I’m dying of starvation yet I don’t want to eat.
It seemed so long ago it was just yesterday.
But when I look at her one second it feels like just one day.
I feel so incomplete yet I so have it made.
The fact that nothing’s wrong but I still complain.
Sometimes nothing’s wrong but you’ll feel nothing’s right.
Nothing can be perfect but you can still have a life.

Until you find somebody else youll be living in your eternal hell
Stop crying and trying to make things better for yourself.

Lyrics submitted by NFGPhoenix

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