"Between Me, You & Liberation" as written by Ahmir K. Thompson, James Dewitt Yancey, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Pino Palladino, James Jason Poyser and Thomas Decarlo Callaway....
She rested her head upon my chest
Sensed liberation in between breaths
Wonder if sex is what she found it in
Peace, found it laying down with men
Wasn't there to judge her, many ways I loved her
It was more than bodies we shared with each other
We laid under the cover of friends
A place where many lovers began
I began, to feel her body shake in my hand
Body language, it's so hard trying to understand
Usually after sex, it's a good feel
Took by silence, emotion stood still
I could feel, her tears spill, from her grille
Hurt from before that began to build
She told me hold me, a story she assembled it
Telling it, trying not to remember it
It was a story of innocence taken
Thought she could redeem, through love making
When she was eight she was raped by her father
And tried to escape through multiple sex partners
Felt pitiful, she had only learned,
To love through the physical, inside it burned
My heart turned, I thought of what this man did
She forgave him, she grew to understand it
Her soul was tired and never really rested
Only with men through aggression
Said it was a blessing and it happened for a reason
By speaking it, she found freedom
Between me and you

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
Sometimes I wish a, careless whisper
Serenade her, without speaking a word
Because of you I'm stronger, I'm afraid no longer
I feel so alive in me, you have liberated me

She laid, I watched her breathe
Happy to be here, not afraid to leave
I couldn't conceive her not being here
Death in her face her not having fear
Less than a year she was diagnosed with it
Memories of that year, so close and vivid
Happiness, would only visit, once in a while
To watch an adult, becoming a child
Somehow, I knew she'd make it
The life of one so given early would God take it?
Hurt she placed in, hope and prayer
Hurt she placed in chemo and lost hair
I stare with my eyes closed
Wonder when the body leave does the mind go
Watching Jordan became less important
Seeing this disease eat away my aunt's organs
According to doctors there's no cure
We went through doubt, and cases of insure
Wish I knew then how to heal with herbs
Knew a part of her I could heal with words
But the Creator was sending for her
What seemed like the end was the beginning for her
Like that, she didn't want us to remember her
No more medication did she want us to give to her
It spread from her liver to her lungs to her last breath
Only to be freed through death
Between me and you

He spoke with his eyes, tear-filled
A lump in his throat, his fear built
My whole life it was in steel
This ain't the way that men feel
A feeling, he said he wish he could kill
A feeling, not even time could heal
This is how real life's supposed to be?
For it to happen to someone close to me?
So far we'd come, for him to tell me
As he did, insecurity held me
I felt like he failed me
To the spirit, yelled help me
I'd known him for like what seemed forever
About going pro we dreamed together
Never knew it would turn out like this
For so long he tried to fight this
Now there was no way for him to ignore it
His parents found out and hated him for it
How could I judge him? Had to accept him if I truly loved him
No longer he said had he hated himself
Through sexuality he liberated himself
Between me and you



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"Between Me You & Liberation" as written by Thomas Decarlo Callaway James Jason Poyser

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Between Me, You & Liberation song meanings
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    General CommentAn excellent song - dealing with 3 different situations between two people - common and a girlfriend, common and his aunt, and the third, common and his friend. The message conveyed is meant to be that through communication we find peace - communication between me and you is liberation from whatever is faced - together we will conquer, etc. A message not just for these situations but life in general, as it's much better (in the end) to work your way through the hard times rather than sprint past them.

    the first is dealing with a girlfriend who admits that she was raped by her father. common is trying to figure out what is bothering her, and eventually she explains how, at eight, she was forced to grow up in a phyiscal sense, and throughout life went through men trying to find peace, liberation, with the physical. Through her discussion and revelation, and then support from common, she learned to forgive and move on. Liberation.

    The second verse is dealing with Common's aunt dying in the hospital of cancer and her eventual death. Having a relative die of cancer is a long and depressing process that effects all aspects of life - watching someone who was once so vibrant slip into oblivion in front of your eyes is soul shattering. He speaks of the treatment, on both ends - chemo on his aunt and weed on his. Eventually, his aunt no longer fears death and liberates herself - avoiding the inevitable.

    Finally, Common speaks on his close friend and his struggle with homosexuality. The emotions on both ends is illustrated perfectly - "this ain't the way that men feel" - "For it to happen so close to me?"
    Common struggles with this new fact, his friends parents turn their backs on him, and eventually he realizes that, gay or not, they are still friends. "How could I judge him? Had to accept him if I truly loved him." I can't explain it better.

    I've dealt with the crazy girl, watched grandparents die of cancer in the hospital, and been through the awkwardness of finding out a close friend is gay. The song rings truth through superior craftsmanship - one of my favorite songs by Common.
    giznoton March 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis is the best comment I've EVER read!!!
    vstruharon April 06, 2007   Link

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