I'm so on top You look in control I've never conquered mountains
with strides to go I never fear and never sin the worst of you is the best of them
Did you ever judge or speak in vain Only the steps I took where in the lord's name
never was about what's right or wrong

This is all a lie cigarettes and coffee couldn't hide I need something stronger
I see it in your face Poison apple in my fairy tale, take me away
The kiss needed to drive me from sleep

Self Medicate to try and match the feeling Anything to feel as beautiful
Means justified by the reason Love more. Lesser I'm loved And start to let go

These are the words daddy couldn't understand at all My son's no faggot
meetings with boys in unmentionable places who will carry on this family name
what will the neighbors think the drugs don't work, but neither do we
keep shuffling the problems just changes the order
These are the words momma couldn't understand at all My daughter's no slut
starring at the party as a sure fire bet once that keg blows the boys come calling
don't you feel so beautiful the drugs don't work but neither do we
keep shuffling the problems just changes the order

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Poison Apple song meanings
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    General Commenti'm not quite sure what this song means but it's fantastic and at the same time very depressing, depressing songs are addicting. Coretta scott is from my city and cant wait to see them.
    falling_bombon January 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is utterly amazing. i love coretta scott. they kick ass and really know how to rock. especially in concert. they didn't do this song at the concert in my town, but if they would've, i probably would have started to cry. this song means alot to me. i don't know why because the lyrics don't mean as much as the music for some reason. honestly..the music is more intriguing. music has always had a way of speaking to me tho. i don't know..the words do make the song whole tho. grrr...confusion...oh well. i love coretta scott. josh is hott. that is all.
    insanity seeks meon March 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentFalling Bomb, Theyr from my town too.. awsome

    i am not sure wat this song is about but i think it might be about admiting problems. wat u think looks fine isnt. Like "my daughter no slut" u just dont want ot admit something is wrong. u just try to ignore it. "keep shufling the problems just changes the order" if that makes any sence. that is wat i think it means
    rockislifeon March 27, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti've been a Coretta Scott fan since they were passing out hand-made flyers at shows in the basement of the STA station. *laughs* they are getting so popular, i love my hometown boys.

    this is my all-time favorite song of theirs. and i don't know what you guys are saying about not being able to find it's meaning... you just need to look at it in basic form.

    this is about "the scene" (emo friends and loves) that happen as your growing up.

    the poison apple and self medication parts are about drugs for sure...
    the "my sons no faggot" verse is about emo boys and their friends (cause the kiss and wear tight pants and shit)
    the "my daughter's no slut" part is about the girls in the scene giving away their love and bodies... then caputeing the reputation of slut.

    most of the song is about ignoring all those problems, though. and about growing up as a teenager.

    when seth preformed this live at his last show *tear*... it was the most beautiful thing EVER.
    they give great hugs*heart*

    loving you.
    DeathByPoisonon April 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDeathbypoison,

    yeah that totally make sense,

    wat do u mean by Seths last show?
    rockislifeon April 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSeth is leaving the band, didn't ya know?
    it's really sad and we'll miss him... but the band is gonna continue on.
    Josh Albright is going to be singing vocals, yay!

    oh, and to put rummors to rest, no one is kicking anyone out. it was Seths choice to leave and continue the acoustic path of his new project Paper Mache (go check it out, it's great). and as Josh put it... "we all still love eachother, we still sleep together."

    all us fans wish you guys luck.
    DeathByPoisonon April 11, 2006   Link

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