"Congratulations, John, On Joining Every Time I Die" as written by and Jeffrey Ernest Rosenstock....
Congratulations! Go stretch your ears and get a neck tattoo.
Congratulations! All of our friends knew there was no better choice than you.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Congratulations! Are you gonna move up north and throw away your Yankees hat?
Congratulations! Are you gonna swear off ska and stop gelling your hair back?
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Nice going asshole. Nice going asshole.
Nice going asshole. Nice going asshole.
You finally did something right and I'm 2% bummed it wasn't me.
I hope you know that Christine’s gonna ask you to get into all your shows for free
And I will smile while silently resenting you for quitting Bomb the Music Industry.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Now Dave has another friend who’s in a more successful band.
Jenna’s got another contact and another drummer to make out with again! w00t!
NIce going asshole. NIce going asshole.
NIce going asshole. Nice going asshole.
You finally did something right and you'll probably meet Dave Grohl.
And tell us about him when you get home.
Then you'll get the news from me that you’ll never quit this band.
And we’re taking you out on tour for those two months a year that you’re home because we can.
And sure it’s out of spite not to replace you, but you promised and we shook hands.
So remember when you’re back in Long Island, you will forever be forced to be a part of a ska band.
Nice going asshole. Nice going asshole.
Nice going asshole. Nice going asshole.
You finally did something right, I guess state college did pay off!
We're all music majors too, can you make Ferret give us jobs
or at least tell Ferret to sign my band?

Lyrics submitted by KeasbyKnights

Congratulations, John, On Joining Every Time I Die song meanings
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    General CommentFor any musician, a day job can be a pretty depressing thing - kind of a constant reminder that you’re not successful or good enough to do what you feel is your strong suit for a living. So when John (our guitar player) found out that Every Time I Die’s bassist quit last winter and at the same time realized that a couple of his friends were also good friends with the ETID gang, we all decided to celebrate. I mean, the only requirements for the band aside from the ability to play the bass was that you have to like AC/DC and you have to drink a lot... how could he not get it? This song was meant to congratulate John because we all truly felt he was going to get this gig. This song was also meant to yell at John because his getting this gig would definitely have held up BTMI! a bit. It turns out that his friends forgot to make phone calls until it was too late and they already got the guy from Between The Buried And Me to do it, which allowed John the necessary free time to play the few shows we’d had in 2005. This song is mainly inside jokes, and also part rumor that I heard in a magazine which said ETID’s newest album would be produced by Dave Grohl. I think I read that in Revolver. Punk rock, man.
    KeasbyKnightson February 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song has alot of feeling to it i like it alot
    the worst is overon May 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti wish i could say something interesting about this song but keasby knights said it all. too bad he didn't cite the source. anyway, this was the first btmi! song i heard, and if they had a 'hit' i would make an educated guess that this would be it. i talked to the band after a show in chicago and jeff [lead singer] had no resentment towards john and john had no resentment towards jeff, so it's all good in the hood that is btmi!
    themagnetcon February 13, 2008   Link

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