"Sweet Home Cananada" as written by and Jeffrey Ernest Rosenstock....
I heard from you today
By digital replay.
You told me that you care
You'll help from over there
I say we're not the same
It's falling on deaf ears.
At eighty miles an hour
When I forget to steer
And if I wrap my car around the guard rails,
It ain't got shit to do with you.
So drop the act, I know your true agenda.

Can't live with the mistakes
I'll move out of the states
To South America
Or north to Canada
I lived through four years of lies.
I've lost faith in mankind.
With no one to befriend
I guess this is the end
And it's not glorious like in the movies
Explosion and a note
It's more like driving as far away as possible alone
And please don't say goodbye
To remind me you're alive.
You've been dead to me
Since I've started feeling dead inside.
So don't look down on me and say we feel same
'Cause we don't.

so I'm checking out
I'm fucking done
Kiss my fat ass
I'm giving up
Eat shit and die
I'm taking off
Have a nice life
Have a nice death
I'm checking out

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    General CommentJeff: So, I was getting a lot of messages from an ex-girlfriend who I had been hurt by and didn't really want to call back and share my problems with. While all this way going on, that motherfucker George W. Bush got re-elected and I decided that if I moved to a different country, it wouldn't matter if I had a band or if i had an ex-girlfriend or if i had Bush was president here... all those problems would go away. I guess everyone wants to get away from shit once in a while. This whole song was recorded using Garageband and this microphone that is apparently somewhere inside my computer. You can hear me feeling the computer at the beginning trying to find the microphone. I never did. There's also no electric guitars or bass... just distorted acoustic guitars. (includes a sample from David Cross's "Shut Up You Fucking Baby")
    KeasbyKnightson February 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou left out the awesome intro involving George W. Bush.

    Speaking: That's not special. I mean....I mean that fuckin bullshit lie about how he cares about us. You know what? He doesn't give a flying fuck about any of you. He doesn't give a fuck about you, or you, or you, or your mommy, or your granny, or your street, or your town. He doesn't give a flying fuck about any of you. And all that...all that fuckin bullshit about how, he's just like us. He this down-home boy, he's this good ole boy from midland Texas. I'm a straight shooter man, Im a Washington outsider. I'm such a Washington outsider and just like you, cause I'm sure all you had the same kinda upbring'n just like me. You know where your daddy was head of the CIA and then ambassador to China and then Vice President for 8 years and then President of the United States for 4 years.

    I love that intro, very amusing, if kinda rantish.
    Riavynon March 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds like David Cross giving that tirade at the beginning. Is it?
    Gravytrain73on May 26, 2010   Link

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