My father I failed
You as a man
Can’t keep up with these hours
That the sunny sweaty day hands
My card was never checked in
And I slept through the morning
And most of the afternoon
But who cares because god never calls me
No he never cares for me
And my father I don’t intend to let you down
I’m sorry but these days keep getting longer

Well it’s time, time to get up
Take a shower change your clothes
Make yourself some breakfast
And off to work you go
And take your pills have a cup
Get home and watch TV.
Then read a book and it’s off to dreaming
But too bad its 4 in the morning
And everybody simple is sleeping
And soon my body will show that same fate
But instead I’ll wake up around 6 or 8

I’ll go downstairs get a drink
Sit down at that computer
Paint some words and shy away
While everyone is working
And hate yourself and feel alone
And analyze this
My boy you just need to stop worrying
And yes your friends they all love you
And yes your family well they do too
But nobody’s gonna give you all they should
Or that or this or that or this or this

Well I know this boy
That could sell me vitamins
He says get a glass swallow down and you’ll be happy
Then I’m feeling fine I’m talking much I’m making things work
And this is how I’m supposed to live
And for now I’m watching the TV sets
And I need a glass to save my chest
And my heart is beating so rapidly
That I can’t seem to concentrate on sleep

So here we go another day
To drive off onto Douglass
And grab a cup and lay on grass
And talk to all your fake friends
And sit and stare at the cars fly by
Head feels weak you wonder why
You could never be like them
But that’s the part of the deal my friend
Yes your doctors have been telling you this since you were 10
That nothing would ever be what you wanted
Because you seem to look for too much perfection

Well it’s summertime lets get a girl
And undress and your drunk
We’ll roll around my unmade bed and whisper pillow talk
We’ll speak of names we’ll speak of skins
We’ll even sing a song
About how we are simply in love
But you know she’s never coming my friend
Yes the only girl that will save me
And I’ll never have to write another tune
About this girl she broke my heart
We’re through

So come on mark
Lets drive to San Francisco
Yea yell at cars you’ll tell a joke
And we’ll just be smiling then
How funny it seems that we have been making these words work
Since we were children
Well is guitar really saving us?
Or could it be just coincidence
And i'm glad to know that my only true friend
You’ve got my side when I'm dying

So I'm coming to visit you my brothers
We’ll have a drink and share another and another
And we’ll talk of story girls and future mishaps
And how we will fit into them
And you’ll ask me how are my nephews and nieces
You say they’re doing fine
Do you miss them?
And I'm sorry I haven’t been around that often
But…but..but I swear I swear I swear I’ll make it up

So I'm coming home to see you Gina
We’ll go to Monterey and snap some photos of this day
You’ll tell me that I'm a fool and that I don’t know the truth
Because I don’t believe you
Well maybe this time she can get it right
Or maybe this time she will be right
Or maybe this time I could just say to you
Hey I fucked up and I told her that we’re through

And so come today I’ll be sleeping in my bed
I’ll circle the fan that sits right above my head
And ill try to count as many that go around I guess
Before my eyes go red
And I'll try to keep moving
In the slumber world
Yea that’s where I make up all my beauty there
Like I wish that only simple ignorance
Was tied around my neck
Like a necklace
Like a locket
Like a trinket
Like a poem
Like a song and
Like a girl and
And like a movie script
And like you
And like you
And like you
And like you you you
And you you you
And you
And you
And you

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