I’m into girls who shrink-
When they’re walking from the
Café to the rink
And they’re speaking of
Theirs waists and how they hate
The convex surface of their bodies, yes.

I’m into girls who think-
Their lives are nothing without
Sipping on that drink
Their lives are nothing but
A bloody spiraling pit
Of being treated like an idiot.

And how I am drawn back after decades of this hurt
And I love you, how I need you
But you throw me to the dirt
And I want you, how I see you
As you’re wearing smaller shirts
Kissing boys on the weekends
With a flirt.

I’m into boys who smile-
While their speaking like the
Serpents of the nile
And they rape the very thought
Of being tired
As they balance on their talents, yes.

I’m into boys who skim-
Above the surface as they
Jut around the rim
Below the limits of the way
I used to feel
When I was held so tightly by him.

And how I look back on days that are now a memory
The simple thinking’s of a girl
Who has almost ceased to be
And you float amongst the goddesses
That swim about the sea
everything that I could never be.

And wear that skirt!
To the dance, and I’ll bring my pleated slacks
And we speak like civil servants
Yet talk dirty in the back
And we can dance like cavaliers
From a sweeter, greener time
When the band bowed on strings
And this punch was bitter wine
And I will be a vagabond
If we can wander hand in hand
Making surveys, writing dirges
For this dying, drying land
As our spirits coalesce and
The world becomes a song
That will never decrescendo
And will last our whole lives long

And how I live with you’re voice in my head
Speaking sonnets of denial going “that’s not what I said!”
And I love you, how I need you
But we lay on separate beds
Only dreaming as the moon grows full.

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