My ex-girlfriend called me up; she said,
“Joe, come down to the parking lot.
I’ve gotta little proposition for you.”
I said, “Well, it’s been a long, long time
I don’t recognize your face
No you won’t know mine,
I grew a beard!”

And she sang along to the nicest chords of my song
And we talked about when we were young.
And how her mother thought we would
Get back together one day
And how foolish it was to say that,
Cause she was happy, and I was not.
I was not.

I pretended to be fine when I looked her straight in the eye.
And I said, “Hey darling, you look there pretty fine.”
And she said, “Hey, this is Ryan he’s my new catch
He’s the greatest little fucker I could ever find in a fetch.”
And I said, “Well that’s a greater one than me!”

And we talked for hours about the summer.
And the beach where we were each others lovers.
And I said, “Hey, remember the time when I took you by the hand
And said, ‘Forever, that’ll be our plan.’ Yea, I said,
‘Forever, it’ll be our plan.’”. She said, “Yea.”

Well forever’s here and it’s already gone away.
And I said, “It won’t come back; why won’t it come to stay?”
But you cannot make a word stay, it has no real meaning
In a world of all possessions and we fight with our feelings
And money doesn’t buy it; you cannot sell it in a store.
Cause if you could I would have already bought it.
I learned that lesson before.

To the time when I looked around I saw
Abundant skies with the largest grace,
And I said, “Hey darling, you gotta let me in.”
You said, “The door is locked and I left the key in my room.
And it’s upstairs and I’ve got a concussion, if I fall asleep
You gotta call me every hour; so just keep me awake
Cause my mom said it’s a pain.

Well my father would but he’s really drunk
And he’s upstairs sitting alone on the sofa,
Watching some kinda documentary about trees.
So I said, “Sure! I’ll help you out!
I mean, what have you done in my life
But make me feel like the lowest dirt in the ground?

So I stayed all night and I called you,
To make sure you were awake and you were fine.
And since you were fine you could have went on a trip

To New York with another slip
And your team did well,
And I hear you did too.

Well that’s a pretty awesome fact
Cause I swear to God when you come back
We’ll be through!

Well, I lied; when I saw your face, and you look so fine
We get in your place, and we do the same thing
We’ve been doing for a couple of weeks.
It consists of your mom saying, “I gotta run out,
I’ll be back real soon, do not do anything I wouldn’t do,
Oh, oh, but we did.

Working nights was always our favorite pastime;
He was tired and went to sleep.
The rubber washed away in the city.
And if doesn’t that’s fine but I don’t know if he will.

It doesn’t matter now because we both find each other
And we’re sitting on your couch
My hand’s in yours and your purse is on my waist.
I never said, “Hey girl you gotta do some things
If you wanna be mine and you wanna wear my ring.”
You just said, “Sure.” I said, “I’ll give it a try.”
And it was nice. Whoa, it was nice.

Well you had a tempting conversation with a boy named Danny
I think he has a place up north and that’s good.
And it’s funny how a face can bring back memories
Oh so far away, but I said, “That’s ok, as long as it’s good.”

And she said, “How is it going with the girls?”
I said, “Oh it’s so great, I mean I’m all over the place in this world!
I mean every single day I get a letter from a lover
Who says, ‘Come over here we can come and hug each other
And sleep on my bed it’ll be the perfect night.’
I’m like, ‘Girl you’re so old and I’m so tired,
And you just cannot last that while,
And plus I think it’s not right.’ It’s not right.”

Well looking back upon the times
I think it wasn’t that bad.
I mean I changed who I was
And I changed my face
I almost had a couple surgeries to change my place
That I was, but in the end it was ok.
I mean a bruise on the back of the head
And a whole lot of shame:
That’s not a lot to endure for a boy my age

Thirteen and jaded, over bored and out rated
And a little betrayed, it’s nothing I would take
Back from the grave.

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