A light at the end of the tunnel
A secret society
And regents stay there
In there
Attack their tunnel

Atop the plateau
Of broken dreams
The devil said
I'm dead
I need a favor
I need you
To doctor
Some false documents
With me


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    General CommentAgain, incorrect lyricses.

    A light at the end of the tunnel
    A secret society
    An imagined state of illness
    A tired factory
    Atop the plateaus and broken peaks
    I wish I'd thought of that before I pulled the trigger
    The deficit and debt
    I need a favor
    I need you to doctor up
    Some false documents
    We're moving up the ladder
    It's them versus you
    But... I have no idea what any of this means. I think of suicide first and foremost, but the whole false documents thing...

    Perhaps "pulling the trigger" is an analogy for getting yourself in over your head. Murdering yourself and throwing yourself in a pit of "deficit and debt" that you can't climb out of. Getting mixed in with vicious types. They want you dead. I'm thinking the whole false documents thing was perhaps something they asked you to do for them and then they'd help you, and it went sour, and now you're running from them and the law.

    Which can easily be an analogy for how quickly and easily things get screwed up in any relationship.
    Ayoson October 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is beautiful. so mellow and tranquil. i love it
    apollo IVon May 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song to me represents the life cycle, more so in the music than the lyrics.

    the beginning is conception, and where the words begin is birth. when he says ''plateu'' and the music cuts in, that is where you are old enough to begin to understand the world. as the song progresses it has a building tension, obviously the years being added on to life. at the same time that the song builds tension it seems to build clarity, as does your understanding of the world with time. somewhere in the line "we're moving up the ladder" is when you are elderly, and the violen that comes after is death growing close, notice that at this part the vocal track's treble declines as you fade into death. the strange sudden sound is death. and the orchestral part afterwards is the afterlife. when you look back at the song it seems as if you know even less about it than before you heard it, much like life, for every answer there are a million questions.

    tell me what ya thnk
    druby640on December 25, 2006   Link

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