"Publish My Love" as written by and Zachary David Schwartz....
Wait there, just enough to see you smile.
I mixed up the distance of the miracle mile

You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love

Just stand there, you could never make me go through it
The congas, they're bleeding through his bit-battle wounds

You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love

Whip me, but don't beat me
I can't can't call?
I can't can't call?
You never left?

The sun beats down upon the brain of confusion?
But houses seems much better if the roof is connected

You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love
You could never publish my love

Whip me, but don't beat me
Yeah, I can't cat fall?
A cat cat call?
You never left
A cat cat call
A cat cat call
A cat cat call

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"Publish My Love" as written by Zachary David Schwartz

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    General CommentI'm pretty sure that "You can never publish my love" really just means that he doesn't want his feelings to be relatable. I think he feels like his love her this person is special and unique.. and publicly "publishing" his love would be like making it comparable to everyone else's feelings of love, which would be in a way making his love less significant than he feels it is.
    athomas721on September 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhen they sing "you could never publish my love" over and over, it reminds me a lot of REM for some reason. good song though.
    cuez90on December 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThere is some discussion about what the lyrics actually should be. The official lyrics are on their site, and they do in fact match what is hereinbefore: roguewavemusic.com/

    So the above lyrics are correct and should be used for analysis (no matter what the singer sounds like he's actually saying).

    That being said, I've been very confused about the exact meaning to this song. I'm pretty sure it's about a guy who laments the fact that his lover would never make their relationship public, as indicated by "You could never publish my love."

    "wait there
    just enough to see you smile"

    this would make sense in a high school context: the speaker waits at his locker just to see her smile. if not a high school context, it's something along those lines.

    "i mixed up the distance
    of the miracle mile"

    I don't think "miracle mile" carries any significance other than to show that the speaker is delusional. How can anyone mix up the distance of the miracle mile? it's obviously a mile long. by saying that he "forgot how long the miracle mile is," maybe he's chastising himself for forgetting how long it would take for the girl that he's in a relationship with to "publish his love" (this makes sense especially when the next line is "you could never publish my love." but then again, lyrics don't necessarily flow like arguments all the time, do they?)

    "just stand there
    you could never make me go through it
    the congressman bleeding through his bedpan
    approved it"

    These lines have to be taken together. The "it" in the 2nd and 4th lines presumably refers to the same thing. I have no idea what the "it" is supposed to be, so I went to the music video: youtube.com/…. At 1:29, just as he says "through it," a picture of a red handgun flashes on the book that's on the screen next to the singer's face. whatever it is that the speaker does not want to do, it's serious. obviously his love interest wants him to do something that he thinks is very bad. presumably, they had an argument about this action, and they went to a third-party for input, the so-called "congressman." the congressman approved this action that the love interest wanted the speaker to do; however, the congressman is a questionable source because he's "bleeding through his bedpan." This bleeding indicates senility or weakness of some sort. An example of what might be going on here is as follows:
    The love interest wants the speaker to do drugs so that he can be accepted in her crowd and she can "publish [their] love."
    The speaker doesn't want to.
    Some third-party, or just the hypothetical opinion of "others" in general, supports her decision rather than hers, but the speaker discredits the third party for some reason.
    This sounds a bit absurd, but this situation is entirely an example. These lyrics are incredibly vague, so it's near impossible to know what the situation actually is (even the gun doesn't help--it just promotes thoughts involving homicide or suicide, which seem even more unlikely).

    "whip me, but don't beat me
    a cat call"

    Here the speaker is cat-calling his love interest and getting flagellated by her for doing so. "cat call" more likely than not is a generic term for showing interest in the other person loudly and in public, or just publicly in general. In other words, the speaker is saying to his love interest, "Ok, i know i talked about us in public, im sorry. you can be mad at me, but don't be furious."

    "the sun beats
    down into my brain, I can feel it
    a house is much better
    when the roof is connected"

    The only way the sun can beat down into the brain is if the top of the head is missing. the 3rd and 4th lines seem to imply that he's missing the top of his head, as well, by saying it's like he's a house and he's missing his roof. Thus, I think the point of these four lines is to illustrate how much he's lost his head over the fact that the person he's in a relationship with "could never publish [his] love." That being said, he's also wishing that he had his head and could think clearly about things (their relationship) because he says that a "house is always BETTER/ when the roof is connected."
    (However, he could also be saying that there is sun beating on his head as he's sitting in his house because he's lost his roof. I don't think that this is the case, though, because he uses "into my brain" rather than "onto my head.")

    the song ends with the lines "whip me...a cat call." perhaps, then, the relationship ended because of the fact that their love could never be brought out into the open, and he messed up the relationship by "publishing" it himself. But she didn't see it as him publishing their love, she just saw it as him being immature and "cat-calling," which then created lots of conflict and tension and led to their splitting up.

    One thing to bear in mind about everything that I've said hereinbefore is that these lyrics are highly interpretable. They are so vague and ambiguous, that, really, the only way to find any meaning in this song is to assume some meaning and then try to prove it (which is exactly what I did). That meaning came from the chorus ("You could never publish my love"), which I took to mean that his love interest was never able to go public about their relationship and thus have their relationship flourish. This came to mine for me because of the feel of the song. It definitely feels sad, to put it very simply.
    The thing is, that line could just as easily be interpreted to mean what SofiaO or athomas721 thought it to mean, namely that the love is so unique that no one could ever "publish" it, put it into words, share it with others, relate it to others, etc. This idea glorifies the love, but the song doesn't have that mood at all. And they are just as right in making their assumption as i was in making mine--except for the mood of the song and until they start to apply the rest of the lyrics to that idea. The rest of the lyrics just don't seem to add up, if we are to assume that SofiaO and athomas721 are correct.

    but the lyrics are so incredibly vague; when i first heard it i applied it to a relationship of mine. in fact, i still do. so someone with different experiences with relationships will probably think of something else.
    also, because the lyrics are so vague, i'm sure someone could come along and analyze the song very differently from how I did and prove that SofiaO and athomas721 had it right all along.

    i hope that someone does.
    bwittyon May 23, 2010   Link
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    General Commenthow can no one comment on this gem?
    i dont really have a clue what it's about.
    ilovealkalineon February 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commentyeah this song's heaps good. i dunno what it's about either, but it sounds like he's singing i can't cat call...so i dunno, maybe he's too scared to show that he likes her or something? or isn't into public displays of affection?
    superfantastisch!!!on March 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentlol last night i thought of something else...like...maybe it's about a stripper, or...something like that, and he doesn't want it to be known that he goes to see this stripper/hooker, that he's ashamed of going to her? i dunno, i inferred that from the whip me, but don't beat me, i can't catcall bit...i dunno...am curious as to what others think it's about.
    superfantastisch!!!on March 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHis lover is ashamed of him, and so she can't ever publish his love of her.
    PECOAEon March 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commentits about a fling with someone that no one else can know about.
    bobby the dolton March 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbrilliant
    Ocean Soulon May 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentah I saw them live, and they did a beautiful job on this song. It's one of my favorites.
    Cameron5tevenson July 15, 2006   Link

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