ast night, I had a dream
I found myself in a desert called Cyberland
It was hot
My canteen had sprung a leak and I was thirsty
Out of the obice walked a cow, Elsey
I asked if she had anything to drink she said
Only thing to do is just over the moon
They've closed everything real down
Like barns and trophs and...
Preformin' Spaces
And replaced it all with lies and rules and
Virtual Life... But there is a way out

Only thing to do is jump over the moon

I gotta get outta here
It's like i'm being tied to the hood of
a yellow rental truck being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil pushed over a cliff by a suicidal
mickey mouse
I gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta find a way... to jump over the moon
Only thing to do is jump over the moon
Then a little bulldog entered
His name we have learned was Benny
And although he once had principles he abonded to live as a lapdog to a wealthy daughter of the
That's bull he said
Ever since the cow took off with the fiddle that cows been jumpy
And the dish and the spoon were evicted from the table and elopped
And she had trouble with the milk and the mood ever since maybe it was a female thing
But who'd wanna leave cyberland anyways!
Bulls ain't so bad
The dish and the spoon for instance their down on their luck they come knockin' on my doghouse door
and i said "Not in my backward utensils, go back to china!" (bideebong)
The only way out is up, elsey whispered to me
A leap of faith
Still Thirsty?? Parched
Have some milk
As i lowered myself beneath her and held my mouth to her swollen utters and sucked the sweetest milk
i have ever tasted!
Climb on board she said and as a harvest moon rose over cyberland we reared back we sprang into a
gallop leaping out of orbit i awoke singing
Only thing to do
Only think to do is jump
Only thing to do is jump Over the moon
Only thing to do is jump Over the moon
OVer the moon
Over the ...

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    General CommentMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    macychickon August 10, 2006   Link
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    General Commentokay, i *really* want to know what this song is about. it seems like a huge metaphor for something but i can't exactly figure out what.
    d3fy_on March 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's From RENT. As you know Idina Menzel's Character Maureen Johnson is a preformer. This song is a protest to Benny's Betrayal. and the eviction. Maureen is still Hell-bent about Benny marrying Muffy, and being the drama queen that she is she publicly protests him making him look bad
    Greenbeanmaureenon May 20, 2007   Link

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