You won't wake up
You're not dreaming
This is all real
We've been playing like we've made sense of such a raw deal

Why'd you listen
What do we know
It only looks like we have something you don't

I lost my faith in our sweet illusion
Where every would heals
So if you're still there
Let me tell you
This is all real

We felt like angels on the rooftops
Looking down at you
Singing ideas that we'd just read
Drunk on new truth

It seduced me, soft and silver-tongued
With a way out after all the fun

I shut my eyes
Flew and hit a brick wall
That wasn't in the deal
So if you're still there
Let me tell you
This is all real

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    General CommentThis song is about shedding religion.

    "Made sense of such a raw deal" the raw deal is the reality of humanity being insignificant in the universe and there being no afterlife, playing to make sense of that is pretending there is more to life than that as taught by religion.

    "I lost my faith in a sweet illusion where every *wound* heals" I's assume he's talking about catholic confession forgiving all sins. Which isnt the case if the whole dogma is false.

    "drunk on new truth" Excited about being able to live life for yourself and not have to worry about appeasing god/eternal punishment in hell. Just the freedom of being in control of your own life.

    Etc. The imagery is there.
    Turfsurferon September 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe first interpretation would be right... if Chris Thile weren't religious himself--Good interpretation though. I think I remember Chris actually metioning this song being about a band that didn't work out or something like that? I was kinda dissapointed by the actual meaning but hey, a song is whatever you get out of it.
    fingertapper88on October 19, 2008   Link

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