"All The Fools Sailed Away" as written by and Craig/dio Goldie....
There's perfect harmony
In the rising and the falling of the sea
And as we sail along
I never fail to be astounded by the things we'll do for promises
And a song

We are the innocent
We are the damned
We were caught in the middle of the madness
Hunted by the lion and the lamb oh, oh

We bring you fantasy
We bring you pain
It's your one great chance for a miracle
Or we will disappear
Never to be seen again

And all the fools sailed away
All the fools sailed away
Sailed away

We bring you beautiful
We teach you sin
We can give you a piece of the universe
Or we will disappear
Never to return again

And all the fools sailed away
All the fools sailed away
All the fools sailed away
They sailed away
Sailed away

And as we drift along
I never fail to be astounded by the things we'll do for promises
And a song

We are the innocent
We cut we bleed
We're your one great chance for a miracle
And a miracle is something you need

They'll take your diamonds
And then give you steel
You'll be caught in the middle of the madness
Just lost like them
And part of all the pain that they feel, yeah

And all the fools sailed away
All the fools sailed away
All the fools sailed away
Leaving nothing, nothing more to say
All the fools sailed away

They say you're beautiful
And they'll always let you in
But doors are never open
To the child without a trace of sin

Sail away

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"All the Fools Sailed Away" as written by Ronnie James Dio Craig Goldie

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All The Fools Sailed Away song meanings
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    General CommentThat's because it's actually people that suck. Dio's actually quite ace, and proved w/ Dehumanizer that he can write damned fine non-fantasy lyrics as well.
    HolySmokeon September 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFutrality about nailed it. Though realating to Dios other work, its anyone who doesnt follow societies rules. they are hunted, tamed and and reinstated. Dio saw the people suffering. I think thats why he wrote this song
    enochatronon October 28, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI think I kinda agree with futrality and the guy that commented him (dioisthebeast)as of rather then the church its the mass. And Ronnie J. Dio has sang other songs about society, Rock N Roll is about how we should not let others tell us what to listen to and just stick to our music and nothing else. So yeah, its basicly telling us to do things our way. Although I dont compleatly agree with dioisthebeast or futrality I must say that they get the basic idea of the song.

    And the child with no sin I really believe is the ones in this world that are the good people, who choose the right thing and how they are looked down in society. For example I hate players, I dont want to be a player, and i want to kick any guys a** who i see playing a girl because that makes the s*** of the world and they have no respect, and i get looked down on for sticking with one girlfriend.

    I choose not to smoke weed, I get looked down on

    The good people are not really welcomed to much.

    in todays S*** society not even Jesus would be to welcomed into this world because good people who do good things are looked down upon wich im kinda relating to what they are saying. People today if they met him would probably say stuff like he is weak, a wimp and anything else you can think of that people might relate to people who stand out and do the right thing.
    myr576on April 04, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI've been trying to look at the words to this song in various ways over the last couple days. It's been an interesting exercise. I believe that this song is actually about how religion does the opposite to us than what it preaches.

    "There's perfect harmony
    In the rising and the falling of the sea"

    These relatively few words are drawing attention to the fact that nature is awesome. The infinite complexities within all it's processes are not only awe inspiring, but beautiful. We are a product of and are part of nature at the same time. Nature is our creator.

    Up until the first chorus the song basically covers the idea that we are imperfect, both bad and good at the same time. We are self aware and have to deal with the idea of dying and what happens after, therefore, the promise of eternal life is very appealing.

    "We are the innocent, We are the damned" - we are imperfect

    "one great chance for a miracle, or we will disappear"- we are drawn to embracing religion in order to ensure eternal life in heaven.

    The chorus, basically a repitition of the title "All the fools sailed away" represents people that have embraced religion and accepted the bible as the word of god and how we should live. "Sailing away" here ties into the first line of the song that also dealt with the ocean. The "ocean" is actually nature and "sailing away" is indicating that while we are still surrounded by nature and in contact with it constantly, we are now going to expend time and energy studying the bible (sailing away) for answers to life. "Sailing away" also represents the obscuring of the signifigance and majestry of nature by focusing on religion.

    "They'll take your diamonds
    And then give you steel"

    The obvious reference to the line above would be to wars over religion, but I now think this line goes deeper than that. Diamonds are natural and steel is man-made. Religion takes your "diamonds" (puts us above all other creatures) and gives us "steel" (replaces our creator "Nature" with a manmade one, "God") So here we are again enforcing the idea of religion doing the oposite of what its seen as. It removes us from nature by putting us with a man-made creator that has created us in his image, and above all other creatures. Leading us astray from the creator, nature.

    "But doors are never open
    To the child without a trace of sin"

    So here we are at the last line of the song, religion will accept us (sinners) with open arms but rejects Jesus (child without a trace of sin)????????

    We are the only creatures in nature capable of being "sinners", therefore, the rest of nature can be represented as Jesus (child without a trace of sin) in this last line.
    Looked at through this interpretation of the song "All the fools sailed away", religion now appears to only accept those capable of evil and rejects those who are inherently good.

    Jermiller32on February 01, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAnd people say Dio's lyrics suck?!
    Fuck that, Dio is a very smart man who can write a damn good lyric.
    It's only cynical fuckwit critics that bad mouth him.
    Hybrid1492on August 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentActually this song is about the persecution of pagans, gypsy s, witches, etc., and for that matter every other religion by the church.

    There's perfect harmony in the rising and the falling of the sea.- The pagans (I use the term loosely) look to nature instead of the church.

    And as we sail along I never fail to be astounded by the things well do for promises and a song. - Is it not astounding that people burned others alive in the name of religion, which is the promise of salvation and eternal life.

    We are the innocent, we are the damned. -These people innocent. But, they got caught in the middle of the battle of good and evil, "the lion and the lamb."

    We bring you fantasy we bring you pain. - Not too sure but perhaps an allusion to the ideas of these religion. Or possibly stories and folklore.

    We're your one great chance for a miracle or we will disappear never to be seen again. - They know that the church is not the true religion. The truth comes from within, not from a priest. And if the church wins and these people disappear that knowledge is lost forever. The miracle would be mankind knowing he is not damned, and realizing how beautiful we could be as a society.

    We bring you beautiful, we teach you sin. - Makeup and sacred sexuality. Makeup is of "pagan" origins. Sacred sexuality is definitely frowned upon by the church.

    Same thing with the miracle....we do need one.

    We are the innocent, we cut we bleed. - Easy, they're people too, not monsters, demons or evil people. As some would have us believe.

    They'll take your diamonds and give you steel. - They'll take your inner peace and give you weapons to fight for them. Think about the crusades.

    You'll be caught in the middle of the madness, lost like them and part of all the pain they feel. - You'll be caught up in the middle of all the crap the church has pushed onto mankind. Lost like them, never knowing the truth, and feeling all the pain that comes from not finding it.

    They say you're beautiful and they'll always let you in. - The doors are always open at the church right?

    The doors are never open to the child without a trace of sin. - This could mean Jesus, but I think there's something deeper there.
    futralityon May 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI wonder if its so philosophical at all. "Rainbow in the Dark the Dark" was about a football game after all. Has anyone considered that this song might be about erotic dancers? "we bring you beautiful...we teach you sin." "We are your one great chance for a miracle or we will disappear never to be seen again." They tend to travel around until they find a life in a place they want to stay in. Usually after meeting someone...

    LOL, "they take your diamonds and then give you steel" almost too perverse for words...

    The thing that makes me consider this as a possible meaning is the song title, how does that fit into the religious perspective. "and all the fools sailed away". Could the fools be the ones chasing after a dancer? Or are the fools the ones that thought them to be too dishonest/sinful/shameful to chase after? thereby losing their chance at a miracle, a girl they could never get anywhere else?
    mrbubbleon August 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFirst i just gotta say that 99% of dio`s songs are deep and meaningfull.
    This song is ofcourse about racism, and that everyone brings good and bad things "we bring you beautiful(good) we teach you sin(bad)" And because people have diffrent skin colour or diffrent sexual desires, they still bring as much evil into the world as everyone else along with all the good that everyone else also has.
    (hope this wasn`t to confusing)
    paalmartinon September 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI know this song came out way before it happened.. but it reminds me so much of 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan. "I never fail to be astounded by the things we'll do for promises [80 virgins] and a song [If you remember, prior to the invasion, the Taliban forbid all forms of music].

    I know this isn't what Ronnie had in mind when he wrote this, but this is what I think about when I hear this song.
    MotleyDewdon January 15, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationRonnie was trying to say that ... Those that make their own path and " sail away" will survive!
    Gouvernment and religion try to control people... i believe Ronnie was being sarcastic sayin " all the fools sailed away" cause they are the ones who have it right and get away from the BS of being controlled.... Make your own path, and sail away!

    I believe the reference to the last verse is about how life is a dichotomy and the doors are never open to a child without a trace of sin May reference that we are human the good and bad in us the helpful and the hurtful, regardless if you are going to live you will have to make choices or perform something at sone point which will affect someone else and you cannot live life to its fullest by trying to stay on one side or the other good or evil.
    andrius79on March 11, 2015   Link

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