"I'm not myself" as written by Ira Gershwin, Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg....
And if you wanna leave me
Baby, go ahead
I know you don't believe me
Oh, when I finally said that

I'm not myself
When I'm with you
It takes and breaks
My heart in two

I'm half a mile from Jersey
The headlights on the shore
You know how much it hurts me
I never been this deep before

And I'm not myself
When I'm with you
It takes and breaks
My heart in two

And oh, does anybody have a clue
How hard I worked at loving you?

And I'm not myself
When I'm with you
It takes and breaks
My heart in two

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"I'm Not Myself" as written by Harold Arlen Ira Gershwin

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    MemoryAlright, that Ricky Martin interpretation was almost too much for this Americana, Heritage Folk templar to bare. Just plain strange -if you ask me [shaking head in dispair.] So here I am again, having to clear things up.

    My role as a music reviewer makes me privy to "behind the scenes going ons" in the folk music arena. I was there when Amos Lee serenaded the Governor, Jim McGreevey of New Jersey and his exotic Portuguese-born, second-wife, Dina Matos. This song is Gov.McGreevey's first wife, Karen Schutz "grieving." Mrs. Schutz-McGreevey truly was unaware of "The Honorable" Governor McGreevey's nocturnal persona - that overtook him completely, until a full confession to the press was necessary. The backstage rumor, the night that Amos played for the Gov.of NJ, was that his first wife had followed him to the skinny-dipping approved, Gunnison Beach, NJ. Gunnison Beach was where she discovered her husband's business trips, with his manager, were actually extracurricular, marital excursions. This was an embroiling discomfiture to the young balladeer. Penning this verse was his correspondence of sympathy to the Govenor's wife, who was said to have been overtaken with confusion and heartache.
    JDWelterson March 18, 2017   Link
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    Song FactVery few people know that Amos Lee, in addition to the new jack swing and contemporary r&b that he enjoyed during his youth, was a huge fan of the band Menudo. His admiration of Latin pop group didn't fade, and when he read the famous interview the Ricky Martin gave in 2000 which hinted at the true heart's desires, he was inspired to write this song about the tumultuous love affair that Martin had for 14 years with super model Rebecca de Alba. Almost marrying her and starting a family.

    In 1999 the Living the Viva Loca Tour made it to Philadelphia, and the Summer of 2000 The 'Living the Crazy Life" Tour headed to the major Southern states. Every Ricky Martin fan knew of his "love affair" and its trials with Rebecca de Alba. That 14-year relationship and its crazy life was in fact the inspiration behind "I'm Not Myself" by Amos Lee.
    BeeSea0601on March 17, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning of this song is pretty obvious. It's about a straight man pretending to be gay in order to keep his job. An American version of the"Le Placard" was due to be released in 2002. It was to take place in New Jersey. This was written as it's theme song.
    12menon March 14, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning of this song is pretty obvious: It's about a guy that loves a woman, but he knows he has to end their reationship, as he feels he's "not myself when I'm with you".
    Best line: Does anybody have a clue How hard I worked at loving you.

    IMHO Amos's best song, simply gorgeous.
    formiculaon February 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentim glad someone else thinks this is his best song also...This song is amazing. Everyone has met someone that makes us feel like this..If you like Amos, you should check out his protege Mutlu..He is great too
    kingjojo14on August 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentLOVE this song. It puts you in a relaxed mood. Beautiful piece of music. I agree with formicula. The best line is 'does anybody have a clue how hard I worked at loving you.' Simple song about loving someone but knowing it just isn't meant to be. His reason is that he isn't himself around her. This situation happens a lot when people come from different backgrounds or are at different spots in their lives. They try to change themselves to make it work but it just isn't true.
    kristaseleneon August 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning is pretty obvious, but Amos has a way of saying so much in so few words: "You know how much this hurts me, I've never been this deep before." He's completely torn up because of the depth of his feelings. "Does anybody have a clue, how hard I worked at loving you?" This is so powerful since it's something that only you know. You don't want to let anyone else know how much you cared, how hard you tried, because then they'll know how much it meant to you, and how much it hurts. Amos doesn't waste words on trying to get her back. He was real. I want to put all of myself in a relationship, and if it ends, I've got nothing left to give.
    scottiedawgon July 18, 2009   Link

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