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She's drifting in and out of sleep
Like she's an angel
And I'm not anything at all

Once upon a time
I looked you in the eye
And then the world came crashing down

Now everything is burning, yes
And everyone is yearning now
To see your form distorted
And your innocence destroyed

Standing in the wake of her and hoping for a break from her
Surrounded by the wreckage now of
Her destructive smile

Living as an avatar
And knowing that you're still so far from home
These damning certainties
That keep me here alone

So every night I lie here waiting
Answers come in dreams I'm told
God's creation, my salvation's
Out of your control

The vision of your purity
I let it go and I am free
The day has come at last
For it to end

If only I could cure you from that dream
You know I'm sure
That you would realize that miracles
Aren't always what they seem

Now these hands are moving slowly
Searching for a burning wire
Dissolute and consecrated
Lying softly to the fire

Shattered hopes and broken dreams
There's always something else to lose
Rejoice in silent resolution
Something precious, something new

Time - for all the things I never had
For all the evidence I've found
Collecting all the frail thoughts you've left around

Love was made for slaves like us
You love the ones you'll never trust
Perfection now crumbling to dust

Light - now all the blood has mixed with sand
And all the blood washed from my hands
And how I've prayed for my deliverance today

Communion without leniance and
Victory without severance
Devotion I could never hope to find them

So burn your wings and die in silence
Glorious and crucified
Only then will they accept you
Standing by my side

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    General CommentProbably the most beautiful song on that album.
    darkereflectionon January 18, 2006   Link
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    General Commentdarkereflection .. you're right
    As weird as it sounds, making my sound like a boon, this song gives me chills, it's just that good.
    I suspect that it means, at least to me, that we have no control over our destiny ...
    I'm curious to hear anyone else's thoughts ...
    MetroTekon January 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTo me, it sounds something like what you're saying, but taking that further, it sounds a lot like a love that just can't be.
    "God's creation, my salvation's
    Out of your control"
    "So burn your wings and die in silence
    Glorious and crucified
    Only then will they accept you
    Standing by my side"
    seem to support this somewhat. It sounds a lot like he's saying "you can't help me" and that they're being kept apart from one another.
    darkereflectionon January 27, 2006   Link

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