Do you want to be happy?
Do you want to have fun?
Take on buried treasure
I could be the one
Hear me out here
Hear me out

I can't describe
Just can't subscribe
I'm telling vision
Glad to be alive
You say I can't relate to you
Some things I need to prove
Can't find the right words to use
Brainwaves won't pass through

When I wake up from seizures on an island full of slaves
All I see is smiles from the lack of brainwaves
There is no thinking so I check my mind in at the door
Nothing to contemplate I won't need it anymore

Ignorance it must be bliss
Never dealing with things like this
Thinking happy comes from a kiss
Regret all you've missed

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    General Commenti really like this song. I especially like the whole island full of slaves part... because you'd be glad to be there when things are so complex and you just want to go back to simplicity and ignorance (because ignorance is bliss).
    cloudunderon February 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThere's some beginning missing to this song...

    Ladies and Gentleman
    Thanks for coming out to the Braff, B.B.W Hall Tonight
    We've got a great show for you!
    Two great bands!
    Overnight Maxi
    ANDDDD Steel Member!

    But first, let's have a warm Yogo? County welcome for 'Ghost Of The Robot!'
    [Boos are heard]

    Had to add it. It was hilarious.

    Anyway. This song is about a guy trying to connect with a girl who can't connect with him, he's saying Give him a chance. Allow him to break through, discover what's hidden underneath and she might be surprised just how much they can be. He's saying her ignorance of his feelings must be bliss? I'm not too sure on that part. No, that's not right at all!

    He's a fling, nothing but a fling to her and he wants to connect on a deeper level. A much deeper level but she's keeping him at this arms length that he doesn't like at all and knows she'll regret it later. Or at least he hopes she'll regret kissing without any feelings in the mix. The island full of slaves might be a reference to the island full of people who come there to enjoy, to have fun, and when they leave they've forgotten everyone. He's saying she's like that, and he wants it to be different from that.
    Reedstaron May 28, 2009   Link

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