"Laugh, I Nearly Died" as written by and Mick Jagger Keith Richards....
I've been traveling but I don't know where
I've been missing you but you just don't care
And I've been wandering, I've seen Greece and Rome
Lost in the wilderness, so far from home
Yeah, yeah

I've been to Africa, looking for my soul
And I feel like an actor looking for a role
I've been in Arabia, I've seen a million stars
Been sipping champagne on the boulevards - yes

I'm so sick and tired
Trying to turn the tide, yeah
So I'll say my goodbye
Laugh, laugh
I nearly died

I've been down to India, but it froze my bones
I'm living for the city, but I'm all alone
I've been traveling, but I don't know where
I've been wandering, but I just don't care

I hate to be denied
How you hurt my pride
I feel pushed aside
But laugh, laugh, laugh
I nearly died

Been traveling far and wide
Wondering who's going to be my guide

Living in a fantasy but it's way too far
But this kind of loneliness is way too hard
I've been wandering, feeling all alone
I lost my direction and I lost my home, well

I'm so sick and tired
Now I'm on the side
Feeling so despised
When you laugh, laugh
I almost died

(Been traveling far and wide
Wondering who's going to be my guide)

I hurt my pride, hurt my pride, hurt my pride (Been traveling far and wide)
Been traveling, yeah

(Been traveling far and wide
Wondering who's going to be my guide)

(Been traveling far and wide)

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"Laugh, I Nearly Died" as written by Mick Jagger Keith Richards


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    General CommentThis is such a good song. I heard it on the tv show supernatural and I love it! It has such a bluesy sound and reminds me of some of the stones older songs.

    It is definitely about someone who has done so many things and has been "traveling far and wide" but has no one to come home to or maybe even a place to call home. They realize that they are "sick and tired" of "living in a fantasy" and hate the loneliness... to me it sounds like its almost as if its too late to "turn the tide."

    I like the part about "wondering who's going to be my guide." I think its about not having someone to experience life with.

    Such a beautiful tragic way of describing true loneliness.
    FSU Kellyon June 27, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti love this song cant believe no1s commented.

    i think its about a man who has everything and has been everyhwere but he has no friends or no one to love.

    he doesnt think any one would actualy care if he died or stayed alive
    Final strawon May 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAHH! KELLY! I HEARD IT ON SUPERNATURAL TOO! Yeah, that show has introduced me to TONS of music...
    1967Impalaon May 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it has a more literal meaning. He has been traveling far and wide in self imposed exile because the woman he secretly loved turned him down. When he asked her to be his, she laughed and he almost died from the rejection. So he fled to try and forget her, but can't.
    barrybowfion February 05, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIn my opinion, the meaning of the song is more sophisticated than we can imagine... It talks about a person who looks for the truth, for the meaning of his life, of the life in general... And he is desperated and dommed because he cannot explain why he exists... That's how I understand the song!
    leniometalon February 12, 2014   Link

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