Balsamic vinegar isn't grog or rum;
It's only good for basting fish or plums. [x2]

Ya-har, I sail the seven seas in search for children's blood
I fire many cannonballs and none of them are duds
I stand on the deck of my giant ship, the poop deck to be precise
And when I get tired, I sit on my balls, oh yes, they are so nice

I plunder and pillage without a care, stealing many doubloons
I don't give a damn for women's rights and I punt seniors to the moon
The good times roll along with the heads when hippy communes I raid
I beat them to death with my giant wang along Dennis Quaid

My MSPant powers are and known and feared across the land
And I don't need women because I have an amazing right hand
If I eat nails and crap them out, gun power they shall be
When someone mentions U2 I go on a killing spree

I pillaged the local neighborhoods and killed everyone in sight
I didn't even have to touch them, they died of my own might
I blow up a sewage plant and shit falls from the sky
It rains upon the rotting dead and I laugh until I cry (Blood)

Come on everybody let's go to the Maddox party
Pick up an E-glowstick and eat a bunch o' Smarties
Tell all of your friends and all your neighbors too
We're gonna start a giant mob and kill Blink 182
Come on let's go to the Maddox rave
We're gonna light some fires over the radio waves
Pick up an axe than a hatchet
We're gonna go kill Sarah Brachet? (Whoever she is)


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Carcass on the Altar of Piracy song meanings
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