Once again last night you woke up in a cold sweat.
You felt the covers around you.
They just felt you right back.
You reach but you know he's gone.
You knew he wouldn't stick around too long.
All the while you were thinking,
You're just another girl for one of his songs
And it's so sad, it happened again.
Just another smooth talking fellow with wandering hands.

You're just another poem, he wrote,
another high five from his friends, he scored,
another great story he tells, one more.
Don't you get it?
You're the girl with the love that is for sale.

And you hide your face with your makeup.
It'll be on your pillow in the morning before you wake up.
The night before, the way your eyes looked,
Your alarm clock greets you with a right hook.
The taste in your mouth from the drinks last night.
His breath still lingers on your neck.
His hands took the tour of your body,
making sure to stop at every attraction.

I guess you're wondering why I didn't call,
and why your telephone just hangs there,
the cord gently swaying from the wall.
I must apologize.
No, I can't defend my behavior.
I'm just so afraid if I get too close to the flames I'll just get burnt.
And that'd be so sad..
no, no that sounds like a personal problem to me.
I'll have to write some stupid song to make myself feel better about the whole thing.
Please don't hate me girl.
I didn't know it would get this far.
I'm just a coward.
I'm so afraid of bleeding from the heart.

I'm just another entry, inside her diary.
Just one more hit and run.
Don't you get it?
I'm the boy with the love that's not for sale.

And if you walk in on me sleeping,
and if you slit my throat tonight,
I guess I got what I deserved.
And you and me would be alright.
You'd tell your friends,
you'd fill them in,
on every gory detail.

I'm just another entry, inside of her diary,
Just one more...
Don't you get it?
Why don't you get it?
I'm the boy with the love that's not for sale.

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