"first step to recovery" as written by Christopher Rutledge Cargile, Adam Cory Harrell, Michael Christian Lamb, Jason Daniel Lowery and Jeremy Grant Lowery....
Footseps marching.
And the soft angel.
Voices singing to the sound of hundreds and thousands of lives.
All muted by a wave of the oceans fury.
Pack your bags.
Here we come.
Pack your bags here it comes.
To come and take you away.
There's an angel begging you to come to her.
I know the ocean took you by surprise but I don't worry.
Child it will be alright.
There's a message to the king.
It reads of disappointing numbers of the children who have come home to kiss his ring.

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"First Steps to Recovery" as written by Christopher Rutledge Cargile Adam Cory Harrell

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    General Commentbeautiful song.

    rely on the Lord.
    kyleeeon September 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love this song!! it's talking about how in the Bible,
    Christ is talking to His deciples at the last dinner and He says like something along the lines of: "be a master leaves his servent at the door and the master leaves, and he says to the servent, watch at the door, and wait for my coming, for you do not know the day nor the hour, wen I am to come home, so watch and don't let anything distract you.'

    So tecknally, the singer's saying that Christ is comng...and after Christ claims His people, then the earth will be turned into hell and when the singer says the line about the ocean, he's tlaking about death, aka hell, and how that person wasn't going to accept Christ, and that hell claimed them...and when he says the line about the angels, and the line adoul the hundreds and thousands of lives, he's talking about how in Heaven we'll (Christ's followers) will hear angels singing, and will see their loved ones how where followers of Christ and died!
    it's a BEAUTIFUL song! I encourage you ALL to listen to it...no matter how or where you get it, it'll be worth it when you listen to it.

    Remeber Christ is coming and He will say "Well done, good and faithfull servent!"
    foreverHis888on October 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti know its about Christ or whatever but when i first heard this song i thought it was about Child Abuse...

    "It reads of disappointing numbers of the
    Children who have come home to kiss his ring"

    and how they are coming to save her or something along those lines...

    "Pack your bags, here we come
    Pack your bags, here it comes
    To come and take you away "
    yeee_sonon July 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell..I'm no christian,..but the first thing that hit me when I heard the song and read the lyrics, was the tsunami in Asia...
    Just read the lyrics..it makes sense...You'll figure the rest out....
    Cormegaon August 21, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about the rapture hence the ocean coming down
    they are going to heaven and the angles are calling because they died on earth
    "There's an angel begging you to come to her
    I know the ocean took you by surprise
    But I don't worry, child it will be alright"
    the disappointing numbers to the king is god being disappointed by the amount of followers that have joined him in heaven
    "There's a message to the king
    It reads of disappointing numbers of the
    Children who have come home to kiss his ring"

    basically the song means believe in your savior or you wont join him in the end
    LithiumXeon December 15, 2009   Link

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