"Vampires In Blue Dresses" as written by and Richard Charles Edwards....
Somebody's gonna love you.
Somebody oughta lay you out.
Don't give it away.
Cause I need you the most
when I'm half of what I was
when I was in your room.

Don't pick up the phone.
Don't answer the door.
Cause those villans want your blood.
And they're gonna get it.

Your mother is a vampire.
She sucked your old man's life away.
Turn everything off.
Just cover your neck.
Cause life is full of your regrets.
And I should be one.

Try telling me off.
Try slamming the door
and telling me I'm not worth your time.
Or the breath I'm breathing.

Don't throw it away.
Oh, Calico queen.
Cause now you're merely a machine,
And not a person.

Try telling me off.
Try slamming the door
and telling me I'm not worth your time.
Or the breath I'm breathing

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"Vampires in Blue Dresses" as written by Richard Charles Edwards


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Vampires In Blue Dresses song meanings
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    General CommentIt's telling a girl not to give into guys who want to have sex with her and to stay wth him instead.
    omnivoreronon September 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWhat I thought the first few times I heard the song: because the girl's mother treated her father badly--specifically, "sucked his life away" or took things from him--the girl has grown up into someone who doesn't know how to say no. She has all these friends/boyfriends ("villains") who do nothing but take stuff from her. The guy tells her positive things about herself ("somebody's gonna love you," "oh calico queen") and encourages her to say no to the people who use her. He coaches her, telling her to practice saying no to him.
    But my interpretation was kind of screwed when I noticed the line "life is full of your regrets and I should be one." That makes me think that maybe the guy treats the girl badly too, and wants her to reject him as well.
    mockingsmileon December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAt first, I didn't care for this song and it grew to be one of my favorites.

    I think this song has a sarcastic tone to the message.. all because he is telling her "not to give it away", then later he says he should be one of her regrets.. So I think he does want her to give it away, but to him, not anyone else.
    loveisfictionon April 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentsame thing what you guys are saying, i think its just a guy who is with this girl, but feels guilty about it and tries to help her instead of sleeping with her.
    SnwBorder52on February 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the first poster.
    This song is the one that made me fall in love with this band. I wish more people knew about them.
    saltyeyeson April 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commentoh, loveisfiction, that makes sense and I never thought of it. I didn't realize he was actually telling her to do something she'd regret.
    mockingsmileon May 09, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song definetley feels like deception in a way.
    it makes me think of the movie:
    wrist cutters: a love stroy
    which is beautiful and i suggest everyone to see
    but this song can mean so amny things for so many people.
    ABCDEmilyon May 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYou're better than your parents, you're better than me, and you're better than most everything out there that you're surrounded with. So please, please keep yourself that way. Don't let anything corrupt you or make you less than you are now. I'm bad for you but I'm too weak to let you go so you need to do it yourself. Start protecting yourself because nobody else will.
    CENTAURSon August 11, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWhoa! I just googled "Calico Queen" and apparently it's cowboy slang for "prostitute"!

    ....This changes things.
    CENTAURSon August 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentUgh...
    Ok, so listen to the song, closely, and loud.
    You can hear it is actually

    "Cause life is full of your regrets.
    And I SHOULDN'T be one."
    Teyruon January 13, 2009   Link

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