"Eyes Wide Open" as written by and John/dioguardi Shanks....
I could hear her breathing
No one believed me
No one believed me
I could hear those voices
So deceiving
So deceiving

Cool wind on my face
Cool wind on my face
Do you know what it feels to be afraid?
Lying there frozen
With my eyes wide open
Do you know how it feels to find a trace
Of words unspoken
With my eyes wide open
I know your secret
I can feel you calling
I know that you're there I know that you're there
Tell me all your memories
I'll keep them alive
I'll keep them alive

Cool wind on my face
Cool wind on my face
I heard you
I felt you
I know so what do you want from me

Cool wind on my face
Cool wind on my face
Cool wind on my face
Cool wind on my face

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"Eyes Wide Open" as written by Kara Dioguardi Ashlee Simpson

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    General CommentPart of me really doesn't like the ghost theory. Actually, all of me doesn't like it. There's something about it that makes me think it's deeper, like it's about sexual abuse of a girl.

    I believe the character singing it is the one who was abused sexually. Many times, when events like that happen, the female (or male) tries to detach themselves mentally and emotionally from the situation at hand, which can make it easier to handle, by pretending it wasn't you it happened to, but someone else.

    "I could hear her breathing / No one believed me, no one believed me" -- After the attack. Ragged, broken breathing--trying to catch her breath and get her senses together. She tells people what happened, but no one can believe her, or no one chooses to believe her.

    "I could hear those voices / So deceiving, so deceiving" -- Often in sexual encounters involving abuse, the attacker is someone that the victim knows personally. She hears the voice(s) the she recognizes as people she knows, and realizes how she has been deceived, how they have led her into being trusting, which she later reminisces on by seeing how wrong she was to trust them.

    "Cool wind on my face" is something that seems calming, soothing. Along with detaching oneself from the body and event, imagining pleasant situations while it is happening probably makes it easier to take. Cool wind would be such a situation.

    This is the point of the song that really makes me think it's about sexual abuse: when she asks, "Do you know what it feels to be afraid? Lying there frozen, with my eyes wide open?" She asks this because she has felt fear at the very core. She couldn't do anything about it, couldn't escape from the situation, she was frozen. Eyes being wide open may be metaphorical--a loss of innocence, the event has opened her eyes to the cruelty and sad reality of the world; not everything can be perfect.

    "I know your secret / I can feel you calling" -- She knows the truth; she knows her secret. Something inside her is dying to let people know, but she is unable to. Perhaps fear of not being believed again, or fear of reliving the experience. "I know that you're there" shows she can not deny what happened to her, she knows the girl who was raped/sexually abused is her.

    By keeping alive the memories, she is showing that she won't forget what happened to her. She will carry them with her and not bury them and try to forget.

    "I heard you / I felt you / I know, so what do you want from me?" -- She heard him, she heard his voice and recognized it. She felt him, she knows who he is (the attacker). She knows that is wasn't a dream, that it was real, and now that it's done and over, she asks what is left? What does he want from her that he hasn't already taken?

    And the end, she retreats once again to the calming situation of a cool breeze, to retreat from the painful memories again.
    mandolinon January 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsupposedly this is supposed to be about a ghost she thought was living in her house. at least thats what she said on mtv
    carrieeeon October 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.... I totally see the ghost thing too. Thats all it could be.
    Musical Jennyon December 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think it could be the title song for a mystery movie about murder or something like that. It's a great song. It's like she knows about someone who has gone missing. she knows what and who did it to the person and she can feel it and she wants to tell some one and to help.
    Samantha907on January 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwow.. mandolin.. thats a lot of thought process... are you saying u think that ashlee was sexually abused... i think thats a big leap... but whatever!
    kayla88on February 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with LizzieBear, Ashlee probably was writing about ghosts.

    but, Mandolins post does make sense. and I actually like Mandolins better. its more intriguing.

    The only thing that really straight out contradicts that theory though is "Tell me all your memories" .. If it were an abuse victim writing it, then why would she say 'Tell me all your memories' ?? its doesn't make sense.
    Edentonon May 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Mandolin... The first time I heard this song I was completely taken aback because it sounded so much like she was describing a rape experience.

    Kayla88... if that is what it's about, it doesn't necessarily mean that it happened to Ashlee directly... maybe it did, maybe it happened to a friend, or maybe about a story she read...

    Nonetheless, that was my immediate thought when I first heard this... I like it much better than the ghost interpretation... but that's just my opinion.

    lovelylunaticon January 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a ghost as well...the whole "tell me your memories" thing could be about a murdered person, and the speaker will make sure that people know how the person died...if that makes sense...

    Unlike 98% of her songs...I actually like this one.
    PianoChick36on June 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthat's what i thought too when i heard this song.....and then everyone one here is saying it's about GHOSTS and i was like nooo....that's pretty lame....and i dont think ashlee's getting abused but maybe someone she knows or not even that just a song to feel for those who have been sexually abused..this is a great song though.
    sassyqt4on July 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think it's about a dead-on-the-scene murder.
    i dont know of who, what, when, where, why;
    but that's what i get out of it

    lying their frozen with your eyes wide open
    means you died with your eyes open lol
    and she's laying there with cool wind on her face
    and "Do you know how it feels to find a trace
    Of words unspoken "

    you can see the words that were unspoken in her eyes, even though she's dead

    "I know so what do you want from me "

    she alreadys knows about it,
    so what's next?
    she's already dead.
    thrwmyhrtawy.on February 09, 2008   Link

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