I love you, in a promise,
Open and always in every situation no rhyme or reason,
The reason she’s leaving need not be given,
For she’s given more than any should give in a lifetime

Love, what a premise

Come one, come all, come again
Fellow ladies and gentlemen,
I need your utmost attention,
You wanted the story on how the story begins,
But I tell you matter not with the beginning but rather with the ending,
For the end will set the story
The story of a young man, a nice working lad
Trying to get back what he never really had
He was waiting on his tax return,
Taxes aside, money couldn’t save his life

He was hopeless, and left to die,
All alone, in the darkest of basements,
In the blink of an eye
He went down
He was hopeless

So he thought to himself
‘You know, I probably need a little change of mood’
And then came the most positive of reinforcement

Scat for me

Girl you know its true I once held care for you
But that lies neither here nor their but with the wind
Cuz I tried so fucking hard to help you drop your guard,
Just to build it higher than mountains in the end

He lashed out in denial and slander
She was always a bitch
Pussy’s always pussy
No matter what the label
Every meat will have its grade

And I’m lost in the meaning of my own words
You reaffirmed what it meant to feel abandonment
And yet you flood the banks of my establishment
And I’ve been thinking this relationship over
Over and over, its clear to me now there’s no us and we’re over
Hold the banks with what life you have left
Hold the banks with your lives

He lashed out in denial and uncouth words
What is denial?
I’m not in denial
This is denial, this is slander
She was always a bitch
Pussy’s always pussy
No matter what the label
Every meat will have its grade
She was always a bitch
It may be wrong but Its my only way of dealing with it
I’ll say what I want
Until the cow comes home
She’s never coming back

She’s gone
And now he’s looking for something real, alive, breathing
And now he’s starving for someone,
And now He’s dying to find himself
He’s in the field and yet the cow will never follow him home
And he’ll say what he wants because she’s never coming back
And I’m heading home

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    General Commentweird that nobody commented scapegoat =/
    they're just awesome

    euhm the song, i think the first part (before the scatting) is about how dumb the world can be sometimes, and not fair
    his world fell apart, he lost his girlfriend/wife and he's not too glad about it and is having a depression of some sorts

    that's how i pictured it
    NY_Batterion October 17, 2006   Link

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