The wicked wind, will take your love away
The very same, that flies your paper planes
I'm scared I'll cry too much when you're away
Cry me a river so deep I could dive
For a year and a day, under the waves
And the creatures down deep they will ask
How you been keeping?
Fine, thank you sir, I've been looking to me some weeping
Do you know of a place?
There's a cave and it's cold and it's sad
We go there to die
No one will see you, and even if they do they won't leave alive
We go there to cry

Under the waves, for a year and day
Under the waves, for a year and a day

So off I go
And my head doesn't know
How I've been breathing
From my musky throat
And I met a catfish, she had no tail
She said that love was a joke
But she loved me so I could feel
When I got to the gates, there was a little light on
And a shark there, wearing spectacles
He said what's your name son,
You're not on my list, how do you come here, and who do you think you are?
Well, I cried this place
And I cry to you too
I'll cry you away if you don't let me through to sing my tune

Under the waves, for a year and day
Under the waves, for a year and a day

Set your eyes, they hide like pools of darkness
And I'm a-burning all the creatures underneath
Ooh, they're gonna eat you
So I wrapped myself up
In the pearly white bones of a ghost, I didn't know his name
And the river marked rose
'Cause all the tears that flowed
Under the waves

Under the waves, for a year and day
Under the waves, for a year and a day
Under the waves, for a year and a day
Under the waves

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    General CommentOMG no one has put a comment!!! no one?
    oh well.
    i love this song.
    o first heard it at the national folk festival in exhibition park in canberra.
    i think that i like it because it was so funny to watch them live lol!!!
    they are usually three members of the band. but for thid gig they had picked up some randome who the met that day or something and they saw that he had a double bass and asked him to play. so he was thrown onto the stage and he diddnt know any of the was very funny.
    Billahon March 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm so so so so soooooo sad that ONJ broke up :(

    Ah well. Dahahoo is TAKING OVER!!!!!!

    Oh yeah... i first saw them at National Folk Festival in Canberra as well...... FREAKY!

    I'll write what this means to me when i'm feeling more philosophical.

    Caitlin Therese Sullivan
    caketin_fairyon April 19, 2007   Link

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