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Five years and a decade ago today
I got a NES for Christmas
I started to play Castlevania II
The first game that I purchased
After the Mario and Duck Hunt cross-cartridge
It was a hobby of my generation, no doubt
If you dissed Ganon, you know what I'm about
Whipping Dracula like fireballs at Koopa
Javelins to Lucifer, arrows to Medusa
Dragon Warriors - my game of choice
And SNK Baseball would make a girl moist
I power up my die; thought I was bad
Then when I fired at them, man, I felt sad
Hour after hour I'd explored the land
Cruising in the Turtle Van, yeah man!
Blowing in the cartridge to get it to work
Sometimes it'd even help to push it to the side
Aside from that, it was all so much fun
Sonic is a bitch, all he can do is run
Pop in Contra, rip it apart
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start

I thought it was the bomb making a game about Goonies
Library titles like an an arcade in my room
We stayed up all late night
Hoping that we would fight
Mike Tyson with Flamenco went down with a left-right
Setting our goal, a two hour tradition
After practicing Rygar in a mission
I could have another chance to fight Lygar
If a sequel comes out, then make one for Strydar
Why are these games being sold dirt-cheap?
Because River City Ransom took about eight weeks
To save our allowance; remembering how it felt
Waiting for Mario 3 and like I'm in Auswitch

Six bombs flash and I'm in one too
Goombas be trying to grab on my shoe
I don't care if the drums are static
Negative one, you can tell it's a habit
Mom tells me to put my clothes in the hamper
Then I shoot her with my grey zapper
She's trying to get me off to school
But I tell her that I'm sick so that I can beat two
I'm jumping around
Flying around
Going to town
Killing the slime
Stopping time
Skate or Die

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