"Let's get sick" as written by and Alicja Anna Trout Jimmy Lee Lindsay....

You're looking for a nuclear blast
You're looking for something that lasts
Dig a hole to china in your mind
Swinging on the vine

Let's get sick let's get plastic

They will never see the morning after
They don't see the fallout disaster
I'm walking through the mud
And getting stuck for you

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    My InterpretationMy interpretation:

    It's about partying really heavy and finding someone who can keep up.

    "You're looking for a nuclear blast" - A super heavy intoxication

    "You're looking for something that lasts" - Someone who can tolerate the same copious amount of ingestion that you can

    "Dig a hole to china in your mind" - Kill some brain cells and put a big hole in your head.

    "Swinging on the vine" - Vines/Grapes/Alcohol/Drinking

    "Let's get sick let's get plastic" - Let's drink until we puke or just plain get wasted. At first I thought she was saying "Let's get blasted".

    "They will never see the morning after" - Blackout drunk. They'd be dead by now with the amount we've had.

    "They don't see the fallout disaster
    I'm walking through the mud
    And getting stuck for you"

    - No idea. Anyone else? Maybe "walking through the mud" is the feeling of slowing down when you drink a ton (which I believe the band did quite a lot during this era). Maybe "getting stuck for you" means she's finding a connection with someone who can party as hard as her.

    This is how I always took it. Never thought of it a different way. Basically, "if you're looking for someone to party hard with, I can drink you under the table... let's go!" :D
    TerrorVisionson January 08, 2012   Link

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