Piracy is piracy if you sail the seven seas or surf the net
Record firms, they're making losses but they spend it like they're making it
It's fifty grand to make a fucking video and Sardy albums cost a fifth per track,
and so your favourite bands they don't make that second album- dropped by their label cos they can't pay it back- it killed them!

well i got some news for you then my brother,
this is a business like any other,
you got your product,
make money off it,
you count your losses against your losses,
and if you're thinking 'so? so?'
underground is where we come from,
we don't wear no suits,
and we are not called the 'the'.
but chart success it brings security,
and you watch these brothers thinking 'why not me?
so show me where to sign and I'll write my name down in my own red blood,
because there comes a time when you thinka a house might be nice,
and selling out don't mean a fuck, you see.
It kills me, I can't stand it!

'Well hows about you come down and I'll explain?
Get yourself to London on the train,
then I'll just send you home again!
hows about you come down and I'll explain?
lean a little bit closer, I'll make it plain-
you don't stand a fucking chance'

I'd like a job in which I am able,
to put shoes on my feet and bread on my table,
those nine-to-fivers,
they look pretty stable,
but i get my wages from my record label,
and if you're thinking 'so?'
you don't know enough about it because this death is slow.

(this thing will work itself out)
'guitarist and song writer'
that's what they thought I was
I never had no dreams of being a waiter
but these here Helmet rip offs,
they don't buy my lunch,
so I will get a real job in the office,
and i wont bother to make my music,
and I wont bother to sing my songs,
I wont bother to get excited,
and i wont bother to get her off.
Yeah, sure.

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    General Commentthese lyrics are so wrong its unreal
    haha but yeah the meaning is pretty obvious
    there may be a deeper one but
    03tomsauon June 06, 2007   Link
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    General Comment03tomsau, the lyrics posted are the exact same lyrics as the ones in the booklet of the album.

    This is the best song on VFVD, I think -- so much brilliantly said; both musically and lyrically excellent.
    Coxonon September 18, 2007   Link

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