"Hundred" as written by Isaac Slade and Monica G. Conway....
'The how' I can't recall
But I'm staring at what once was the wall
Separating east and west
Now they meet amidst the broad daylight

So this is where you are, and this is where I am
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred

It's hard, I must confess
I'm banking on the rest to clear away
'Cause we have spoken everything
Everything short of 'I love you'

You, right where you are, from right where I am
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred

And who's to say it's wrong?
And who's to say that it's not right
Where we should be for now?

So this is where you are, and this is where I am
So this is where you are, and this is where I've been
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred

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"Hundred" as written by Monica G. Conway Isaac Slade

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    General CommentTo me, I feel this song is not about an official couple, but more about two friends who have gone through life longing for each other but never willing to breach the line of just being friends. He's thinking in his mind about how much they've been through but never have gone all the way. Basically they will never be all or nothing but always stuck somewhere in between at that torments him...just my guess.
    Dawgman8on July 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is actually about a guy who loves a girl, but she doesn't know that - maybe she does, but he doesnt know she does. maybe shes taken, maybe shes not, but something is keeping them from being together. even so, they are so close that its almost like they are, but there's always something there that makes it unsure, and it cant be settled.
    magicj530on September 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI personally feel like this song is about two people who have liked each other for a long time but haven't ever been sure of what they both felt because nothing was ever said. They tell each other everything and have been part of each others lives but when it got down to the two of them being a couple they couldn't talk. They talked about everything, shared everything, but NEVER their feelings. Maybe the restraints of other relationships they were in caused fear to swell inside of each other, never wanting to hurt anyone. I think they've just had that talk about their feelings. They talked about it breaking down "the wall" and finally a clarity of the obvious was found from this talk (represented by the "broad daylight"). They have both said this is where I am, but figuring out where to go from there is the difficult part. Maybe a relationship is causing them to limit themselves because, again, they don't want to hurt anyone. Especially a significant other. So they are in between two impossible to decide places. "Unsure and a hundred." Theres so much in between the two that its hard to figure things out. He says "It's hard I must confess. I'm banking on the rest to clear away 'Cause we have spoken everything, everything short of I love you." What he's saying is its hard to say what Im saying/just said but I'm just counting of the awkward feeling to just go away because we're so close and we've been through awkward moments before because we share everything, everything but how we REALLY feel about each other. "And who's to say it's wrong. And who's to say that it's not right. Where we should be for now." What he's saying is why NOT give it a shot. Who says what we're feeling is wrong? Who says WE aren't right for each other? Right for each other at this moment in our lives. Yeah, it might fail but we'll never know if we don't try. "So this is where you are, and this is where I've been. Somewhere between unsure and a hundred." Whats happening is that he's finally like "so look, you feel this way. And here's how I feel. How I've ALWAYS felt about you! I was never sure if I should tell you, but I did and now is where we're at. A decision had to be made."

    You don't have to agree but if you're ever seen the movie Something Borrowed, maybe its like that situation.

    kfraiz847on July 02, 2011   Link
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    General CommentLooking at it from the situation I'm in, it sounds more like he's trying to figure out things in his mind. Something happened between them. They didn't work out the way he expected, or the way he hoped, but he's trying to accept it and believe that maybe that's how things were supposed to turn out.
    supremoon March 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think Im here right with my gf now so this makes it kinda hard but I think i get what the song is about here it goes times gone by fast and the relationship may be ending as they've come to a problem they are at different places and have unsure and unequal feeling and they dont know where to go from there as they hope what they have is strong enough to keep them going come to think of it i really dont know either thts life thts all
    Daver_kidon August 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI feel like this song is about a couple that is being forced to come to terms with their relationship after something has happened. I think she cheated, he took her back but is still struggling to see her in the same way he did before. He wants to be with her but can he forget what she did? They've dealt with it but he's still hurting, so much so that he doesn't know if he can still love her. She's waiting for him, he's waiting to feel like it's right, he's not completely unsure, but he's not happy. Maybe?
    thatgirl67on September 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so amazing!! I think that this song is a talking about the berlin wall and how this country was split in two.. but now they are ok and everyone can be with each other and be happy...

    I'm staring at
    What once was the wall
    Separating east and west
    Now they meet amidst
    The broad daylight....

    i think that they are trying to say that this country can be split and yet they can recover from it and they can be one again.. that if a country can go through that then certainly they (him and the love of his life) can do so aswell.. this song is beautiful if you really think about it!! love this song!!!! (so does mr. gallon haha i knew you were going to look at this!)
    rubickscubesrockon September 27, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti reckon its about the start of a relasionship too! they are just starting out and people are against and thats making them unsure but they know its going to be ok and want too keep going

    'Cause we have spoken everything
    Everything short of I love you.

    they havnt said i love you yet but that doesn't mean they never will its still young and they should be enjoying it even if the worlds against them
    careybelleon January 15, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song has me and this guy i know written all over it. its a complicated situation... they're both pretty sure that the other has feelings for them, and they both are in love with each other, but there's another girl involved who loves him, and although he doesn't love her, they don't want to hurt her because shes one of their best friends, so they stay in that hazy, unspeakable area between friends and more, hating it, but unsure of what else to do. their friendship is already getting weird, and they dont want to lose each other, so they're stepping on eggshells around each other... thats my interpretation at least. i adore the song.
    MidnightDaydreamson March 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis could be completely wrong, but it reminds me of a couple that at one time were so in love and broke up. When you break up with someone you dont want to be around them, hence the wall. But now he is in front of this long lost love, hes not sure how he got there but the walls down and now they are talking. They prob talk about their lives they are saying everything BUT I love you. They both are still in love but neither is saying it. They are now in two different places, possibly in different relationships, different cities and whos to say that what they are doing now is wrong? Who is to say that them together is right? Their love for one another is from a distint memory...But, there is always that uncertainty of what if.....
    Alison2300on April 17, 2007   Link

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