There's nothing I can say to build these bridges back
Against the tides that washed them away
The life has left this room
Like a thousand fires gone black against the sky and scarlet moon
The smoke is in the air, choking out the sun
It's rising in the air, I can't see
And I will find you there, somewhere in the dark
Buried in a place between dead and broken hearts
There's safety in the darkness, there's safty in the dark
I have left these shores to face the tempest night
That stirs the stars against the waters with its storms
The sirens sing their song
It's like a thousand hands that pull me down and break the course I travel on
The ocean fills my lungs, drowning out the sun
It's rising in my lungs, I can't breathe
I close my eyes to see the light that's leading me

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Safety In The Darkness song meanings
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    General CommentI read Dave's explanation somewhere, but I don't remember it all that well... I think his inspiration for this came from when he was in a room during a thunderstorm and just felt this evil presence around him. He realized that, even in times like this, the Holy Spirit is still with us and will protect us, hence the title, Safety (Even) In The Darkness.
    knocloo27on September 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOkay, so I was wrong. A little. Here's the official say. From Dave himself.
    "This song came from an amazing experience I had last year. I was at home, and I was going through some pretty rough trials in my personal life. It was probably one of the most oppressive times of my life. I really felt Satan and his hordes closing in on me. One night while I was sleeping, I was quickly awakened by fear. I just suddenly sat up in my bed and could feel the dark presence in my room. I immediately began praying and singing worship to God in the darkness of my room. After about an hour of pretty intense communication, a huge storm outside began and a few large bolts of lightning lit my room up like the sun. Suddenly, I felt the ultimate peace and safety that comes only from my God. At that moment I realized that in my darkest, scariest, loneliest times, that’s when God can be the closest and there is no reason to be afraid." - Dave Pelsue (Kids In The Way)
    knocloo27on September 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is SO great,it's my favorite song they do, mainly b/c like a year ago I had like a demon in my bedroom and I tried sleeping with the light on, sleeping with my Bible, and sleeping with my door open, but nothing worked then I started parying and worshiping (like David, and that was before I read this) and then I was finaly able to fall asleep, and she(the demon) was in my room for like a week and I just fell on my bed and I started cring and I felt like this warm comforting hand on my back saying everything's ok Jess, we'll get through this together, and I knew it was God, and I slept like SO good scence then!
    and last night I was reading this and the demon returned and I listend to this song and I knew God was with me and I slept! so this song tells it all
    foreverHis888on September 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentKITW - this song is the greatest!
    One night i was in my bedroom already in bed to sleep. Covered up from head to toe, lights off, immediately my sheets were pulled from the end sides of my feet. In seconds, i felt this presence (scary freezing) swift to my side bed and sat right at my side. I immediately guard myself, but so fast did i fell at sleep. The next morning, after waking up, I noticed that all of my bedroom furniture accessory items were scattered..not one of my colognes, shaving creams, etc., were standing.
    I had asked my mom, if she had entered my room. She proceeded with saying that the night before she had felt an evil spirit coming out of my room area. She was praying and rebuking in Christ's name. For sure, Christ's blood is a shield and is Perfect Sacrifice for us all. KITW, keep on lyricing your gifted ways. Cuz, Melodies, continue on even when dark hours occurr.
    wudpeckeron September 27, 2007   Link

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