"Endless Dream" as written by Nowell Rhys Fulber and Annie Decatur Danielewski....
[Repeat: x6]
It's all coming...

It's all coming back to me now
That strange and almost endless dream
Where I was you and you were me
You opened up your eyes and I could see
That you were falling from the world
As endless as a shooting star
In orbit around me thinking I was somebody else
And terrified to look at me and see yourself

Well you were like a dream
And I am just a trip you are on
When the trip is over you will go back to the places that you once belonged
You will look for comfort there and when you do you'll find that it is gone
And that is when you'll dream a dream where I am you and you are me
And then you'll know my love

So don't be afraid
Your heart is in me and it's racing so fast now
'Cause everything we ever were or ever will be
Is shapeless as a changing cloud

Your letter written on the sky
I need you now to read it through my eyes
When you see just what I see
And tenderly watch it change
And just let it be

'Cause I am like a dream and you are just a trip that I am on
When the trip is over I will go back to the places where I once belonged
And I will look for comfort there and when I do I know it will be gone
And that is when I'll dream a dream where I am you and you are me
And then I'll know your love

So quiet... now....

This is just some trip that we are on
When the trip is over we will think of this as some place we once belonged
When I find no comfort I'll look again to find it in your arms
That is where I dream a dream where I am you and you are me
And that's where I know love

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"Endless Dream" as written by

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    General CommentThere is a strong message here about the fleeting nature of everything in this world. Due to this impermanence, life itself can be thought of as a dream because all that seems valid and real eventually becomes merely a faint memory. Yet there’s one thing that at times leaves a permanent imprint on our souls, and that thing is love.

    The person in the song uses ‘dream’ as metaphor for a past relationship, where two people were so in love, they felt united as one in mind, body and spirit. Those powerful feelings carried them beyond this world, as if high on a drug-induced ‘trip.’

    Then something happened, as it often does, and the relationship fell apart. The first stanza holds some clues as to what caused the split. ”…you were falling from the world…in orbit around me…” means that the lover (let’s suppose he’s male) was so infatuated, that the narrator became the center of his universe. And “…terrified to look at me and see yourself” may mean that then he was suddenly taken aback by that level of codependency, realizing he is losing his own identity. In psychology of love and attachment, there’s a theory that most relationships go through a phase of enmeshment in the beginning, where they are inseparable and feel as one, looking for things in common to unite them further. After that, comes the separation-individuation phase, where people start differentiating from each other as to regain their sense of individuality.

    However, what drove them apart is actually irrelevant, as the fundamental theme here is the narrator’s certainty that her lover won’t ever find love like theirs again, and neither will she. So they lead their separate lives, but in their minds, they keep going back to that old ‘dream’ because of the growing awareness that their love as a sanctuary of comfort and happiness that cannot be found anywhere else.
    GaLaXiCiTyon October 21, 2010   Link
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    General Comment
    I just discovered this band and I absolutely love them. Very sexy, relaxing, deep tunes.

    This song makes me think of well, obviously a dream, but two people sleeping and dreaming on the other one, as if they are both haunting each other's dreams. So the dreams they are having basically serves them as signs of one's waking life desire for the other.

    "When the trip is over
    You will go back to the places that you once belonged
    You will look for comfort there and when you do
    You'll find that it is gone"

    When the dream is over, you'll be waking up, living your waking life and missing me. Same goes for the second chorus, where the woman dreams of the man..
    Skye007on September 14, 2009   Link
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    General Commentsounds like it's about a one night stand in some nightclub, snort and all.
    HillBillBillyBobon January 18, 2009   Link

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