She’s precious and perfect
While easily broken
Dear sister, You missed her
She’s already spoken.
She whispers and Blisters
She Talks and conspires
She spits at the walls and fucks all the liars.

Now I see you driving in her car
Now I See
Now I see you, Now I see
Now I see you driving in her car

He’s handsome- Hopeful
So easily recognized
Dear Brother-
Discovered, she left no good byes
He’s acting, Not knowing
He drinks and perspires
Shatters mirrors- reflecting his desires

Now I see you driving in her car
Now I see
Now I see you - Now I see, Now I see you
Driving in her car
Driving in her car
Driving in her car

Then you held my hand
As she drove away
As she drove away
As she drove away

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(Nortbound On) Cahuenga song meanings
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    General CommentCould this song be about a member of Scarling that left?? Or maybe its more to point and its about how maybe a sibling of Jessicka's moved on from home, to live on their own, do their own thing..or how living on your own sometimes is not all fine and dandy.
    KillMeFasteron October 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti read somewhere that it's about jennifer syme, someone jessicka knew, who died driving northbound on cahuenga.
    halloween valentineon December 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHmm.
    Long time Scarling. fan..
    I think this song might be about... umh.. [[don't completely get me wrong on this one]], about parents..
    Just how it speaks of Brother and Sister..

    Maybe when it says "She", it means the mother, and when it says "He", it is meaning the father.

    Maybe then the parents got into a fight, and the father left... or the mother left..
    or someone left, damnit.. haha..

    I don't know.

    Akawonkabaron December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a girl who picked up and left home with a boy who pretended to care about her. Then there's something about seeing him drive her car. Which I think is suggesting he got rid of her. Murdered or something.
    heart-thiefon January 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think It's about a woman charming a man into loving her but she is either too insecure with her self (She’s precious and perfect, While easily broken) to commit to him fully or is manipulating him for her own means and leaves with "No goodbyes".
    He's a guy who's hurt that she left..(I don't see him as a bad guy) He worries she wont come back to him.. His desires could mean anything... Desire to love her, Desire to have her at all costs, desire to hate her.. Whatever be the case his desires are VERY strong, and she's singing to him because she can relate.. or she was an onlooker to the chaos.

    Driving in her car could be a metaphor for taking an emotional ride with this woman to Cahuenga.

    Cahuenga drives through an old battle field in/near L.A. and "It is the lowest pass through the mountains" (says wikipedia) Could have plenty of meanings.

    It's a gorgeous song.. I absolutely adore Scarling! I don't think anyone but Jessika could know the true meanings of her songs.. They have so much depth and they flow like poetry.. They're not blunt and obvious.. It's like art and every interpretation is different based on the mind set of the listener.. She's incredibly intellegent and can layer her songs so graceously. I'de have a difficult time picking out my favorite.. But this one is definately in my "Super Most Amasing Songs Ever Made Ever!!" List because the music goes with it so perfectly and is elating but dismal at the same time...
    ToxicMuffinson November 14, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningThis is about a lady called Jennifer Syme whom Jessicka was great friends with. She died in 2001 on April 2nd in a car crash driving Northbound On Cahuenga Boulevard.
    DontWakeTheBabyon April 25, 2012   Link

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