i was about to change
but you stayed the same
had pinned against the wall
that we are preordained
if they gave you extra scenes
you'd hit back to main

gonna disappear by train
cut my signal chain
find a stable girl
and fill it up again
you can't foresee intent
when the writer writes all bent
armies walk inside me
armies walk physically

every day i steal a car
that's how hard it is
to go from where you are

disappear by train
cut my signal chain
find a stable world
and fill it up again
you can't foresee intent
when the writer writes all bent
armies walk inside of me
armies walk physically
we'd like you to leave
coz we've gotta breathe

who's to say
why we're built so strange
disappointing ourselves
before we change?
grass is greener right over here
why do simple things
take so many years?

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    General CommentSome wrong lyrics on this one.

    HEAD pinned against the wall
    Find a stable WORLD

    I think this song is about two people with different priorities, and how Brandon is continually moving and changing, possibly out-growing someone...or, someone is growing apart from him.

    Also how seemingly simple life is, yet "the simple things take so many years"--in this I think he means to say, appreciate life right now, in the present moment, because you might not always change in the direction you think you are going to, or even for the better. He says, "grass is greener...right over here...", like it has taken him many years to even figure out he has something special. In the meantime he has moved on, cut his "signal chain", and so he is continually moving through life without appreciating it. I think this is something everyone struggles with.
    protovackon September 09, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti was about to change/but you stayed the same/had pinned against the wall/that we are preordained /if they gave you extra scenes/you'd hit back to main

    This verse is fairly simple. The narrator is expecting he will change, but someone else refuses to, making his job of change difficult probably because we depend on each other's existence.

    gonna disappear by train/cut my signal chain/find a stable girl/and fill it up again/you can't foresee intent/when the writer writes all bent/armies walk inside/armies walk physically
    This verse is an extrapolation on the first verse, and this includes how he will change despite the existence of someone who refuses to. The narrator also includes why he feels the need to change - "you can't forsee intent/when the writer writes all bent" - He did something wrong, according to himself, and he has chosen to rectify the situation - "armies walk inside/armies walk physically". These two lines also develops the first stanza by reporting that his actions to change are public - "armies walk physically" - and they will result in changes in existence.

    every day i steal a car/that's how hard it is/to go from where you are

    This stanza describes the difficulty of his situation as it is. "every day I steal a car...to go from where you are" - repeating the topic of stature of relationships - how people hold you the way they think you are. But he's also saying he does the work to change himself, ergo change peoples opinion of him.

    [repetition of verse 2] ... /we'd like you to leave/coz we've gotta breathe

    This expansion describes his appetite for freedom, or at least his appetite for breath. The narrator believes he'd be free, or could at the very least "breathe" if the other person or people he's talking about left him alone.

    who's to say/why we're built so strange/disappointing ourselves/before we change?/grass is greener right over here/why do simple things/take so many years?

    This verse pisses me off, I guess the entire song pisses me off, though its an important and useful lesson. The narrator is essentially blaming not only himself, but everyone for the strange build of "us" (we) - blaming everyone for "disappointment" when what we want is clear to us - "before we change/grass is greener right over here" - He knows what he wants, at the very least. And to finish it off, "Why do simple things/take so many years" describes once again that there has been a distance between what he wants and what is true.

    Honestly, I'd take it as advice... Don't fuck up your life doing or presenting yourself in a way that you don't want to be because other people will recognize it and if you ever want to be the way you want to be, you'll have to cut ties or convince them you've changed.
    smileandsayilikethissongon January 14, 2016   Link

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