"Nevermind" as written by and Taylor/rainbow/hanmer/furlong....
Five glasses changed my mind
Seems like the ticking hands are taking their time
I guess I've been at home for longer than it takes
To unwind so slap me if I step out of line

Now in smaller spaces, careless lust intoxicated
Away from prying eyes
And rabid smiles
And everything's shattering
My invitation was involuntary dilation
And now I can't recall your name

I think we've met before
It was last Christmas on our parents' accord
You were the young man in the costume
That was hard to ignore
And I was feeling hopelessly bored

Now your conversation's
Scholarships and occupations
You look so different than before
When... nevermind

Anyway, this reckless violation
Tarnishing my reputation
Has left me nothing kind to say

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    General CommentI think this song's about something that happened when it wasn't supposed to-- an 'accident'-- and how people decide to ignore it to avoid "awkwardness."

    Going into a little more detail, my interpretation is the speaker's run into a person who she once met at a Christmas party, and is bringing herself up to date on what she remembers about him for the first two verses. In the third she is addressing him, tactfully reminding him of the party they met at while not mentioning what actually took place between them. In the final verse she observes how he's changed, then grows cold towards him.

    And going into further detail, I'll explain how I came to that conclusion:

    Line 1:
    After drinking five glasses of liquor, she becomes more agreeable.
    Line 2:
    Suggesting she said she would leave at a certain time or in a certain amount of time, and while that time has passed she is still there.
    Line 3:
    Suggesting the speaker is a bit of a "stay-at-home," not someone who goes out to party a lot.
    Line 4:
    Suggesting that she doesn't know how to act in this 'environment,' and needs guidance.

    Line 5:
    The speaker and whoever she's addressing have gone somewhere more 'private' or 'smaller.' She/they are careless, lust-ridden and intoxicated.
    Line 6:
    Again just stressing that they're away from everyone else, in privacy.
    Line 7:
    The exact wording is a bit difficult, but I believe that what's being expressed is that she (in retrospect) is observing the invitation she gave him (to go back to her house, or metaphorically the invitation to have sex with her) was sort of an involuntary one, as either :
    1) it was only due to her intoxicated state; it was never clearly thought through or
    2) it was just extrapolated from what had happened already (talking, making out, whatever) and never actually made-- "involuntary dilation"; an involuntary 'expansion' (extrapolation); basically an assumption. So the whole line could mean something like "The invitation was just something you assumed. I can't even remember your name."

    Lines 8-11:
    Now she's addressing the person directly, reminding him of the circumstances under which they met-- a Christmas party.

    Line 12:
    She observes he's become a more "caught up in the game"-type person.
    Line 13:
    While observing further change in him, her tactful form of address slips up and she goes to bring up the 'awkward' memory, which they are both pretending to have forgotten.
    Lines 14-15:
    Possibly out of embarassment after her slip-up, she states that what happened held no pleasantness and that there is no pleasantness between them.
    CandyFlipon June 28, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"Involuntary dilation" could also imply that she was "expanding" her horizons or morals (i.e: having casual sex when maybe that's something she wouldn't often do), but involuntarily because the liquor was what lowered her inhibitions; it wasn't by choice.
    CandyFlipon June 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe lyrics are really fun to follow along. :)

    basically a girl got drunk at a party, came across someone who looked familiar, and did something scandlous with them that resulted in her wanting to forget everything.
    thelivingfreakon December 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSounds to me like the guy in the story got this girl intoxicated, enough to have sex with him even though she didn't want to before. Almost rape-ish. I get that from "five glasses changed my mind" and "My invitation was involuntary dilation and now I cant recall your name."

    Time passes and she sees him again, and to me it seems like as she greets him she remembers what happened before and now he has risen to a higher station in life, with conversations of "scholarships and occupations"- and how her reputation was soiled from what happened between them even though she was practically raped. "This reckless violation, tarnishing my reputation Has left me nothing kind to say"
    stargazer1223on June 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI completely agree with Candy Flip. So I guess posting this is kinda redundant, oh well. Listening to this song usually puts me in a good mood, idk I think it just has a nice tune. No deep meaning like a few of their songs, it's just sorta fun to listen to.
    maneatingmangoon November 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI may be way off, but this song sounds like it's about date-rape to me..most likely by a jock.


    Five glasses change my mind (drinking)..

    My invitation was involuntary dilation and now I cant recall your name (too drunk/drugged to consent..hence involuntary dilation).

    ..and the last stanza: "Now you're conversations scholarships and occupations.
    You look so different than before when... Never mind... Anyway...
    This reckless violation, tarnishing my reputation
    Has left me nothing kind to say"

    Jock moves on after raping her..now with scholarships, good jobs, etc..
    Her reputation is tarnished. Maybe she's seen as a whore..etc.

    It kind of reminds me of the typical.. college jock takes advantage of a girl.. no one believes girl.. guy moves on with his life, has it made type of thing.

    Just my two cents (even though stargazer kind of pointed it out).
    roachofdiscordon July 28, 2011   Link

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