ayazakana hana
vivid flower

dare mo shiranai kedo
boku wa makeinu datta n da
chikaku ni aru noni
itsumo samayotte ita n da...
No one knows it, but
I was a loser
Even though it was close by
I couldn't see it
and I was always wandering...

hitoriyogari no uso o narabete
dare mo irenai you ni kagi wo kakete
tozasareta kurai heya no naka de
jibun sae mitsukerarenaku natte ita
I arranged the lies of self-satisfaction
and locked the door so no one could come in
and in an almost shut-off room
I couldn't even find myself

sou wakatteta
konna n ja nani mo dekinai yo!!
Then I understood
I can't do anything like this!!

* kimi wa suki desu ka?
anata no koto wo
hokori kabutte iru yo
azayaka na hana
* Do you like yourself?
It's wearing its pride
The vivid flower

mado wo akete mina yo
fuyu no nioi ga suru n da
mita koto nai you na
tokimeki ga
kimi wo matte iru n da yo
Open up the window, everyone
Smell the winter
The excitement of something like you've never seen before
is waiting for you

sonna arifureta tsukurimono no hana ja
itsu made tattemo kaoranai n da
yasumono no PURAIDO ni shigamitsuita tte
nan no kekka mo nokosenai no sa
That ordinary flower you made
won't ever give off a scent, no matter how long it stands
If you cling to the pride in your junk
There won't be any kind of result left

mou kore kara wa
ibitsuna jibun datte ii ja n!
Really From now on
A distorted you will be just fine!

* repeat
* repeat

sore de ii no ka? sore ga ii no ka?
otonarisan to wa chigau kimi dake no
azayaka na hana wo sakasete yo!!
Is it okay like that? Will that be okay?
Make the flower that is only yours and
different from the next person's bloom!

* repeat
* repeat

kimi ga mienai yo
doko ni iru n desu ka?
sore ja karete shimau yo
azayaka na hana
I can't see you
Where are you?
If you don't come out, it'll wither and die *1
The vivid flower

azayaka na hana x3
vivid flower x3

Lyrics submitted by darkprincess016

Azayakana Hana (The Vivid Flower) (Romaji & English) song meanings
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    General CommentYEEK....I LOVE THIS SONG!!! sorry the translation isn't separated from the romaji version...my mistake!
    darkprincess016on August 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI know it is not to be held against you but this song is the most ...unlucky name I've seen on the web.

    The name is actually as written in the lyrics(by the way are you sure you didn't take it from somewhere else. if not gg on the mistake)

    : Azayaka na hana .
    TheEyeIsBlindon January 25, 2007   Link

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