the elliptical patterns, they erupt into fragments
and the water drips gently upon my face
off the trees in the backyard, i'm watching the birds fly, but they don't take notice as i quietly sing.

this isn't my home, i'm still yet to find one,
for a moment i seem to fall into this place.
where my parents they sleep soundly,
they silently dream of the comfort of moments and the haunting of fate

i've returned from a journey from the vastness of highways,
all the sunsets and forests running through my brain
now i look to the ocean where my breathren have spoken,
and i refill my voice on the salty winds

i am halfway to thinking i'll go back to the city
and i'll see all my friends upon the broken streets.
its been two years since you left, its been the coldest of winters
as i take out your photo from inside my coat
so don't listen to me, i'm afraid of this house
i have listened carefully, but there was no healing sound.
i've put my thoughts in one place but they have scattered about
and so i chase after them, until i feel something strong.

oh caroline you will be, an exception too fine,
if i make up your face, i will make up my mind
but this is surely a dream, and im certain you'll fly,
when i wake up today, i'll have your name in my eyes.

its the friction of engines,
that puts strength in my fingers
so i press until meaning makes my voice appear

i'll go see jeremiah, at his house on the island, and together we'll tower over everything.
we put our words in the soil,
so perhaps they will splinter
and emerge on the day when we cannot sing,
of what the truth has forgotten, blood will certainly spoil,
from its ashes another will take its place

oh caroline, it will surely be soon,
and i will feel your breath
and we'll stare at the moon, until it burns our eyes,
and we are selfishly blind, and with our stolen love,
we'll find our way through the night

oh caroline, you are everything true,
i want to lose my self, in everything that you do
oh caroline, you are the sweetest of fruit,
and when i walk alone, i am walking with you.
oh caroline, you are the sweetest of fruit,
and when i walk alone, i am walking with you.

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Breathing in Backyards song meanings
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