crows in trees
spanish hotels by the sea
we wave goodbye
airplanes draw swords in the sky

I'm so rich and you're so bored
are you the trouble I've been looking for?
you go out and you slam the door
are you the trouble I've been looking for?

my eyes still burn
whether you leave or you return
the flowers bloom
when you walk into the room

you stole it all
and wrote my name on a wall
I've moved again
I've changed my name again

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The Trouble I've Been Looking For song meanings
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    General CommentI can't believe there are no comments on this song. It is wonderful.
    Luke_Andrewson December 17, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationA few songs on the album, and indeed, many other songs spread out across Magnetic Fields' albums throughout their activity can be seen as thinly veiled remarks on bourgeois society and sometimes the romantic, and otherwise casual and formal interactions within this privileged layer. This song in particular seems to me the most obvious of this in comparison to others.

    We begin the song with the verses "Crows in the trees, Spanish hotels by the sea. We wave goodbye, airplanes draw swords in the skies." Taking this to some literal level, it appears that this couple can afford to enjoy some of the more expensive pleasures and might be well known people. Let's assume for a moment that this couple rents these hotels and they leave going on these luxurious flights, waving goodbye to what i guess is a crowd of some sort watching the couple leave. With that assumption you can draw the conclusion that this person is part of the wealthy business class, a politician, and perhaps even of reality television fame.

    "I am so rich and you are so bored, are you the trouble I've been looking for?" We are bombarded with trash news and tabloids, almost periodically of famous couples' relationships and how "well" they go. The fact that the drama happens suddenly and so publicly almost seems as if to make a scene out of boredom (though they will certainly feign distaste for the press coverage to save face), this couple has none the struggle that would imply stress over financial or social situations, just spur of the moment conflicts between couples and unbridled jealousy."Are you the trouble I've been looking for?" The couple is obviously toxic for eachother at the very slightest, and quite possibly, they are toxic people in themselves, or at least one person is. One person needs a troublesome partner and a toxic relationship to keep their personal lives even the shallowest definition of 'relevant'.

    "You stole it all, and wrote my name on the wall." So either the significant other literally did steal this person's belongings, and perhaps, this is actually a case where someone's possessions get taken away through a divorce and they are blamed for something that happened in the relationship. "I moved again, and changed my name again." Okay, so, your possessions, maybe your house, was taken? But you can move out of the blue and change your name and possibly your identity, this is the only line that hints to me that this is anything other than a famous person but someone still quite privileged. I believe there was some level of abuse in the relationship and one member felt, in retribution, they must first accuse and humiliate the other person and take their belongings to have closure. The narrator, in reaction, is embarrassed, moves out, changes their name and possibly identity to avoid their old reputation haunting them.

    It might be a mistake to take Stephin Merritt's lyrics so literally and analyze it through that lens, but this is my personal view of the song. The narrator laments the relationship and possibly even sees how petty the entire affair is, and for me, the synthesizer wailing and crying in the background only adds to this image.
    MontanaPythonon April 24, 2017   Link

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