"Put Back The Stars" as written by and Simon Frank Grenehed Christian Thell Lindskog....
Put back the stars
I'm out of shape tonight
Pinhole black velvet
Navigation-skills got lost with the fading light
It was there not more then a second ago
Now what do you know, what I do know
Is just not good enough to make things right
Put back the stars
I'm out of place tonight

Ain't it something to know your lost

I hoist my sail
Through there is no wind in sight
And I close my eyes to feel the fresh breeze
Paint the inside of my eyelids bright
Fill the sky with your breath
Cause you know I'm out of mine
Let the sky burn and I will inhale
Without a fight
I hoist my sail
And I'll just wait for you tonight

Ain't it something to know you have lost

Black tar surrounds me now
But life is the next door neighbor
On the outside there is just absence
But when I close my eyes
All I see is your face

Ain't it something to know you're lost
Ain't it something to know you're lost
Ain't it something I know I've lost

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"Put Back the Stars" as written by Marcus Tobias Dahlstroem Christian Thell Lindskog


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    General CommentNo matter how much we try with our human skills to fix things and make situations disappear we can't. When we realize and admit we are lost that is an acheivement in itself. "When we Hoist our sail though there is no wind in site"- Basically saying to God- I'm messed up. Fix me. I'm out of breathe and I need yours God and I'm waiting for you to "put back the stars cause I'm out of place tonight" This song to me is about admiting to God that you have made a mess of things and need Him to help you and that all around you is "black tar" but LIFE is the next door neighbor. I think we can all relate to moments like this. Jesus is the answer.
    CarolineOon August 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentGorgeous song. I agree with CarolineO.

    Stars represent guidance, as a person on a boat may have nothing else to tell them where they are or what direction they need to head from there. Board up the stars and there's nothing left but "black tar".
    Sense of direction, sense of security, even the assurance that we're gonna get out of here at all: Gone.

    Regardless, the subject of the song hoists his sail to wait for God.

    It reminds me a LOT of the history of the Israelites. Rather too often, they faced some horrifying army literally stampeding down the hill toward their cities. They had two basic options:
    1) Wait quietly for God.
    2) Jump into their own SuperJeeps and call up the Egyptians for help ("Hey, the Pharaoh in eyeliner looks pretty tough").

    Without fail, the crazy choice to stop everything and pray would mean a sudden, equally crazy military success. This would freak out the people in every nation close enough to hear about it.

    A frenzied run for the chariots, on the other hand, meant a mess of blood and kids crying in the street and possibly an exile. There was no logical choice but to trust God and hold out for him. He was always right there after all, "the next door neighbor", just waiting for them to ask.

    I think that's the kind of relationship this song portrays.
    kalondoon June 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with bolth of you. I also had an idea that maybe the stars represent something that never changes. Maybe in this persons life something that they thought would always be there fell. They relized that the only one we can look to is God cuz he will never change. That he had been lost all along in looking at the stars (or his idol whatever it might be for him). I love Blindside they have realy been infuential in my life.
    Swimingforwardon August 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is my 2nd favorite song off The Great Depression
    vince mcmahonon April 28, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Aint it Something to know your lost..."
    To be Honest this song, this line means a lot to me...
    simply because think about the statement...
    it is refering to Christians or "Back Sliders"
    in a sense that they know their lost
    they feel the pain ten times wores then a person who doesn't know
    if you ever fell away from God and thought about it your heart is torn broken and in denile it is something
    to know you lost
    Blindsidedon February 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAin't it something to know you're lost

    Ain't it something to know you've lost.

    Ain't it something I know I've lost.

    This is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment.
    courtneysorayaon March 19, 2009   Link

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