"This Is A Heart Attack" as written by and Tomas Nils Naeslund Christian Thell Lindskog....
Frost in the grass glitters
Dance in it barefoot for awhile
Until it hurts and I'll know it stings
Before turning numb
I guess you win and you lose some

We're at war
Realize this is a heart attack
One nation under attack
Heart is frozen but it's ready to crack

Frostbite biting slow
Turning blood and veins cold
Ice with claws climbing
Upwards my veins
But I will be searching
For a heart that won't get old

We're at war
Realize this is a heart attack
One nation under attack
Heart is frozen but it's ready to crack

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"This Is a Heart Attack" as written by Marcus Tobias Dahlstroem Christian Thell Lindskog


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    General Commentits all fun living the worlds way until it lets you down and it hurts. This song is telling us to realize that our society is attacking our hearts making us cold and hard. Today love and compassion is looked down on. Everything around us tells us to live for yourself and who cares about that homless guy, single pregnant girl, unborn baby with no say, the list goes on and on. Our frozen numb hearts can be cracked wide open by Jesus if you let him. The world makes it easy for us to stay frozen to the suffering around us. It tells us we are better off not feeling the pain that opening your eyes and looking around at the suffering can bring. It is a very easy way out to not care about anyone and look the other way when we see something ugly and pitiful that makes you feel compassion for even a second. Open your heart what are you afraid of? Don't let the things around you harden the beautiful heart inside you. This is a real war that we are fighting. A God of love gave you that loving heart inside of you. Don't be ashamed of the love that Jesus has shown you. Don't be afraid to exercise that same love to all around you. Actions speak louder than words.
    CarolineOon August 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentFreezing to death hurts a lot.

    At first.

    I like the way the lyricist portrays the (corrupted) world as frosted grass--very pretty, but in truth, completely harmful--an appealing illusion.

    Everyone knows that pain is a natural function that lets you know something is _wrong_. But you are an adaptive being, and eventually you will stop noticing it. This numbness is what the song warns against. As CarolineO suggested, your heart becomes tragically hard, and you don't even know you're losing sensitivity, your ability to separate truth and fabrication. Because it happens so _gradually_ (slow turning blood and veins cold), it seems normal. Dark, silent death becomes more a reality than life.

    There's so much hope in this song, though. The heart is still "ready to crack", allowing the creation of a new one in its place, a soft one that "won't get old".

    kalondoon June 03, 2006   Link

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