Are you afraid, afraid of the truth?
There's a mirror staring back at you.
The image is cracked but so is the view, yeah.
The strength of a tree begin in the roots
That are tender buried into you at least
Now the storm can't blow me away.

So crawl inside my head with me.
I'll show you how it feels to be, to bleed like me.

Should I be afraid of this face
That I see this mirror staring back at me
So gone are the days where I listen to you.
And you say that I'm weak show me the proof
Because I still exist in spite of you
But I want to be with you everyday.

Schizophrenic conversations that I'm always having with myself
I hear these voices in my head are bleeding maybe I could use a little help
I still have schizophrenic conversations where there's no one else around to hear.
I long for solitude and peace within to bottle all the anger that I feel.

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"Schizophrenic Conversations" as written by John April Aaron Lewis

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Schizophrenic Conversations song meanings
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    General CommentHe sees himself as two different people and is just realizing that he no longer has to act on desires of the bad person that exists inside. Afraid of the truth staring back at you ... you see a you that others don't. The image is cracked in your eyes, but so are the eyes at which you are viewing, those eyes have also failed you in that you have never really seen things as they really are. Today his roots are stronger and those bad, evil thoughts don't take control as easily as they once did. Should I be afraid of the face that I see ... He is starting to understand that he no longer has to listen to those crazy thoughts his second personality ... his head ... tells him. He no longer quickly believes in the lies that his mind creates. But I still exist in spite of you ... He is able to live without trying to destroy himself as he once did. These voices in my head competing ... LOVE that line. Good angle and Bad angel ... shamed, to blame, fucked up ... WOW can I relate.
    Whatamidoing21on March 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhat this song means to me is the difficulty of having to face something that we fear or is too much for us to handle, so you decide to ignore it you talk to your conscience or something like that o.o
    pandoreoon September 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAnd the strength of a tree…
    Begins in the roots…
    That I tend to bury into you…
    At least now the storm…
    Can’t blow me away

    man, thats so deep, i cant even describe what that means to me
    PearlJamRuleson October 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFor me personally, this is a love song, as well as a dialogue to yourself. I say this because of the first verse and the chorus being spoken to someone that isn't Aaron Lewis.

    "And the strength of a tree…
    Begins in the roots…
    That I tend to bury into you…
    At least now the storm…
    Can’t blow me away…."

    These lines are lines I connect with my wife, and how she grounds me, makes me feel like I'm not alone. She gives me the strength I need to proceed through life, something that was almost impossible to do without her by my side before I met her.

    "So Crawl inside…
    My head with me…
    I’ll show you how…
    It feels to be…
    To blame like me…"

    An invitation like this, spoken from someone who has been through a lot and has a lot of walls built around them is a powerful invitation, not something to be taken lightly. Opening up like this, letting someone in this deeply, is a sign of trust and love that can't really be matched. So after the first verse, and this chorus, anything said after this, for me at least, is now centered in a love song, even if it is a bit of a fucked up love song. It is a powerful one regardless.

    Now, the rest of the song, save the chorus throughout, is without a doubt Aaron Lewis talking to the different sides of himself, and the conflicts therein. To have these conflicts and turmoil and *still* be inviting someone inside of your walls throughout the song, that is love and trust.

    Ask yourself, as a long time Aaron Lewis fan, those walls you've build around yourself, to protect you from the world, how much do you have to love and trust someone to invite them inside to see what those walls are protecting? The scared, sad, shaking child inside who just wants to feel again.
    RyconPayneon November 06, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think the song is to himself about himself. the song is a schizophrenic conversation. it's about himself and his image... rock on aaron! the song is beautiful. i think we all feel that way. very well written.
    dustofautumnon February 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commentmy interpretation: are u affraid, affraid of truth in the mirror staring back at u.meaning r u affraid of the person u have become.the image is cracked but so is the view here. meaning drugs is a bad image to everyone but now i can view the bad changes in me, as if im now two different people. the strength of a tree begins in the roots that i tend to bury into u. meaning ive abused myself so much that this other me is incontrol. at least now the storm cant blow me away. meaning even if i stop this side of me is always going to b there. chorus speaks for itself. ill leave it at that
    wasawon October 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about having conquered depression. You've put all the hate behind you now, but you never truly forget the way you felt in the past, and it still comes back to haunt you sometimes.

    Schizophrenic conversations -- In this song, that's talking to the part of you that still tells you that you're worthless, and telling that part that you're still not going to listen anymore.

    "These voices in my head competing… Maybe I could use a little help…" Even though he's over his depression, he still feels the effects that it had on his life sometimes.

    One of my favorite songs on the album... I can relate so well.
    javan287on December 04, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song reminds me of my brother who was schizophrenic. He passed away a couple of years ago, but I watched him suffer with this illness for 5 years and it tore me apart. This song came out before he died, so I let him listen to it one day and tried to explain it to him (the way I understand it) because to me, this song gives hope for people with schizophrenia.

    The first verse, in my opinion, is most of the battle:

    "Are you afraid...
    afraid of the truth
    in the mirror staring back at you?"
    **What I hear him talking about is the fear of facing the truth about being schizophrenic. Nobody wants to admit to having a mental illness or being out of control.**

    "The image is cracked
    but so is the view here"
    **... this is another way of describing how your perception is distorted. You're looking at yourself with this illness seeing something or someone you don't recognize, but at the same time, seeing yourself from eyes that don't see things clearly.**

    "And the strength of a tree
    begins in the roots
    that I tend to bury into you.
    Atleast now the storm can't blow me away"
    **This line is so powerful to me. It's as if he's surrendering to the disease & giving these voices control, letting them make his decisions, instead of fighting it... It can't get much worse than that; nothing can shake up his world any more than it already is.**

    The chorus makes me think of the loneliness. I know my brother felt like nobody believed him or understood him most of the time. If only he could show somebody what went on in his head, he wouldn't be so alone. ... and the feeling of blame for his own mind making his life a living hell.

    The second verse sounds like he's decided to fight back with the voices in his head... pretty is the rest of the song.

    It breaks my heart to know that I never was able to help my brother, but I just hold to my belief that he is at peace now.

    By the way, Aaron Lewis is AMAZING!! My favorite artist by far...and a really cool person from what I have seen at his concerts.

    Butterfly68on November 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song has a subtley beautiful melody and words to match.
    foreveron August 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song should be the next single setting the stage for buzz for their next single which would be Everyting changes....... Which would propel staind beyond superstardom..... but i dont want that to happen i like people not knowing that staind has a new album out so then the radio does not burn out the biggest hit...... like So Far Away 2 years ago.........

    This is an amazing song....
    N0 C0DE 79on August 24, 2005   Link

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