"Sand" as written by and Mark Gaudet Julie Doiron....
If you can heal the symptoms
But not affect the cause
It's quite a bit like trying to heal
The gunshot wound with gauze
If you instead attempt to rest
The pistol from the hand
Then I would not be able to
Equate my life with sand

Flowing through the hourglass
Pushing through the funnel
Turn once more and racing
All your siblings for the tunnel
Slide and let the silicone
Embrace you as you fall
Then bounce around
And let your brothers
Crush you to the wall

I would choose my own religion
Worship my own spirit
But if he ever preached to me
I wouldn't want to hear it
I'd drop him a forgotten god
Languishing in shame
And then if I hit stormy seas
I'd have myself to blame

If you can heal the symptoms,
But not affect the cause
You can't heal the symptoms

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"Sand" as written by Trey Anastasio Tom Marshall


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    General CommentI believe this song is about sand :/..... good song though.
    tHeMiGhTyZePon August 14, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song live is PHAT.....needs more love. and it's about more than literal sand IMO. it's saying you should get to the root of problems and make changes that will cause REAL change (instead of just rehabbing drug addicts, change something in the institution to prevent them from getting on it, for example). if you don't, you're not worthless but you're just like a million other little grains of sand that are just like you.
    deathbearon January 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSand refers (like "Bug") to a feeling of smallness and insignificance (and thus, freedom) but also could (like "Bug") have another meaning:

    Sand (could be?) is actually a reference to the appearance and consistency of heroin, to which (we all must accept) trey anastasio was heavily addicted; the dark feel and lyrics of the song actually refer TO drug use directly, not to how society deals with them -Phish don't normally write songs with such overarching social-policy considerations, I'd love to see examples where they do, though if someone has some.
    PhisHereticon April 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMaybe my mind is just in the gutter here, but I think the second verse is a sexual reference. It does not really fit in with the other two verses, except in form. However, too many things seem to refer to sex/contraception.

    "Flowing through the hourglass
    Pushing through the funnel"

    Not to take you back to 7th grade health class here, but a woman's uterus does slightly resemble an hourglass and sort of funnels at the bottom.

    "Turn once more while racing
    All your siblings for the tunnel"

    Thousands of little sperm (would-be siblings) race through the tunnel (vagina) to inseminate the woman's egg.

    This next part transitions into what happens if contraception is used:
    "Slide and let the silicone
    Embrace you as you fall"

    Some condoms are made with silicone-based lubricants. It will embrace the sperm as they "fall."

    "Then bounce and land you let
    Your brothers crush you to the wall"

    The condom stops the sperm from entering the vagina. Instead it is crushed by its "brothers" against the condom.

    The sexual reference does not fit in with the rest of the song thematically. However, the form of Verse 1 is the same as the form in Verse 2. Verse 1 transitions from Scenario A (A gunshot victim) to Scenario B (The would-be victim "wrest[ing] the pistol from the hand" of the shooter). Verse 2 transitions from Scenario A (Contraception) to Scenario B (Use of contraception). Identical form.

    I know it's a long shot, but this is just how I've always understood that verse. I think the overall meaning of the song is more similar to what DeathBear and PhisHeretic contributed, but I do see another meaning in verse 2. I acknowledge there is an obvious description of sand simply falling through an hourglass, but I am just suggesting there could be another meaning. Let me know if anyone agrees with my argument, or at least sees any merit in it.

    Either way, this is a kick-ass, phunky-ass song...Especially live!
    Phishysuspecton March 07, 2012   Link

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