Niin hilijaisen,
näen hilijaisen
näen kulkueen miin mustan,
niin tunman mustan
hiljaisen näen surussa kulkevan
kädet on siipinä, niin on kädet suojana
suojana siivet silmäin
surun silmäin, kädet siipinä
eessä mustan hunnun
kulkueen näen länteen,
hiljaa, niin lipuu hiljaa länteen
kulkueen niin tumman leskein,
niin mustan nuornain leskein
jol kädet siipinä, suojana silm¤in
käet siipinä leskein
hiljaa kuulen surun laulun,
kuulen laulun katkeran
hyrinän hyisen leskein,
kivun tunnen kivun kuoleman
näen minä tumman taivaan,
palavan taivaanrannan minä nään
tuulesta kuulen hyisen huuon
sodan kylmän huuon.

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Kädet Siipinä song meanings
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    General Commentgreat song, I don't know what it means though.. any one got a translation?
    :rotten:forgotten:on June 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentReally crappy translation for :rotte:forgotten:

    Hands as Wings

    So quiet
    I see quiet
    I see parade so black
    so dark black
    quiet one I see travelling in sorrow
    hands as wings, hands like a shield
    wings as the shield of eyes
    of sorrow eyes, hands as wings
    in front of a black veil
    I see the parade going to the west
    quietly*, so quietly gliding to the west
    the parade with dark widows,
    with so black (nuornain?) widows (sorry, I have no idea what nuorna means)
    who have hands as wings, the shield of eyes
    widows' hands as wings
    I hear a quiet song of sorrow
    I hear a bitter song
    widows' cold humming
    I feel the pain of death
    I see the dark sky
    I see the burning horizon
    I hear a cold yell from the wind
    cold yell of a war.

    *may also mean slowly
    maindeon October 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commentlike going to war is a funeral march? sounds so
    ENion May 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentFrom the mouth of Jonne himself:

    "came after I red some real storys about finnish evacuation people after the war.
    There was many kilometres long black queue mourning and crying people. Mainly just became widows and children with their stuff and cows.
    The countries line changed after the war so they have to move away from the old Finland.
    I had a demo recording one of Hittavainen's song which was bleak and oppressive and I just wrote the text listening the song.
    Whole text came very easy because of my "right kind of" bleak mood."

    Alright, his English isn't top-notch but you should get his meaning now.
    Demonoidon July 21, 2007   Link

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