if you don't know your way call me.
i'll save you tonight.
haunt me.
cascading lies, you watch me drown from the side.
with my final breath, i'm singing you this song.
call me.
i'm right next to you.
and i will paint the halls of this house without doors and the windows to the world were boarded up.
long ago..
i'm holding on tighter then ever before.
i dont want to fall again.
my knees are just sinking in.
i'm already on the floor.
seems like im dying.
three feet away.
and she's playing the radio.
i don't know the station, though.
running through the traffic lights.
don't stop to think i'm alone..
your hand on my chest.
this is where you live.
heavy as my heart beats for you.
so come and find me.
i'm not hiding.
i'll be waiting.
for you to save me..
maybe you could have your way and paint the walls the colors fade
(the color fake).
maybe you could hang me from the nail that you cut yourself with.
maybe you could cover up the holes that you punched with your fist.
maybe you could hide yourself and fall into the ditch that you dig..
so call me.
come back tonight.
haunt me.
and i'm digging a hole but i don't know what for.
now i'm falling in deeper in as i'm thinking of you again.
how i love the way you walk.
the way that you flip your hair.
how i love the smell of my shirts,
the ones you always asked to wear.
how i walk you to your door and wait to see you shine your light.
ever see me wait
to make sure you sleep safe tonight?

don't you cry dear. i'm not hiding. only biting to survive me.

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If I wrote a sad song, would you cry? Or even try? song meanings
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    General Commentehhh, first comment

    this song is awesome!

    I feel like the lead singer is trying to beg the girl back. he promises her that he'll be there for her, and that the relationship will go her way this time...and i think hes comparing himself to a house...

    but ya this is a great song, it reminds me of a relationship ive been in..
    visible.on August 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhere can I download this song at?

    I used to have it on limewire but I think I accidentaly deleted it and now I cannot locate it anywhere.

    please help ?! :]


    Email or IM. :3
    xaynjelanonxon December 07, 2008   Link

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