"Can't C Me" as written by Tupac Amaru Shakur, Andre Romell Young and George Jr. Clinton....
The blind stares
Of a million pairs of eyes
Lookin' hard but won't realize
That they will never see
The P

(You must be goin' blind)
Give me my money in stacks
And lace my bitches with 9 figures
Real niggas fingers on nickel plated 9 triggas
Must see my enemies defeated
I'm cashin'
While they coughed up and weeded
Open fire
Now them niggas bleedin'
See me in flesh
And test
And get your chest blown
Straight out tha west, don't get blown
My adversaries cry like ho's
Open and shut like doors
Is you a friend or foe ?
Nigga you ain't know ?
They got me stressed out on Death Row
I've seen money
But baby I got to gets mo'
You scream and go
And I ain't stoppin'
Till I'm well paid
Bails paid
Now nigga, look what hell made
Visions of cops and sirens
Niggas open fire
Buncha Thug Life niggas on tha rise
Until I die
Ask me why I'm a Boss Playa gettin' high
And when I'm rollin' by
Niggas Can't see Me

The stares of a million pairs of eyes
And you'll never realize
You can't see Me

Been getten worried that these square muthafuckers with nerves
Sayin they can get with us
But picture me gettin' served
My own mama say I'm thuged out
My shit be bumpin out tha record store
As if it was a drug house
My lyrics bang like a Crip or Blood
Nigga what ?
It ain't nothin but a party when we thug
And there I was
A young nigga with heart
Ain't had shit to loose
Pullin' my pistol on them fools
You know the rules
D-are-E you got me heated
My words like a penatentary dick
Hittin' bitches where it's most needed
Money and weed
Alazay and Hennesse
To my Thug niggas in lock down
Witness me
Bail on these ho's in floss mode
Tha life of a Boss Playa
Fuck what ya thought tho'
My enemies deceased
Die like a bitch
When my album hit tha streetz
Niggas Can't see Me

Niggas Can't see Me

(Which way did he go George)
(Which way did he go)
(Which way did he go)
(Which way did he go)

You niggas made a mistake
You shoulda never put my rhymes with Dre
Them Thug niggas have arrived and it's Judgement Day
Hey Homie if ya feel me
Tell them tricks that shot me
That they missed
They ain't killed me
I can make a muthafucker shake
Rattle and roll
I'm full of liquor
Thug nigga
Quick to jab at them ho's
And I can make ya jelous niggas famous
Fuck around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is
I'm just a rich muthafucker from tha way
If this rappin' bring me money
Then I'm rappin' till I'm paid
I'm getten green like I'm supposed to
Nigga, I holla at these ho's
And see how many I can go through
Look to the star
And visualize my debut
Niggas know me, playa
I gotta stay true
Don't be a dumb muthafucker
Because it's crazy after dark
Where the true Thug niggas see ya heart
Niggas Can't see Me....

(Yo, check this out, stay off his dick)
Niggas Can't see Me
(Right before your eyes, I'll disappear from here) You niggas Can't see Me, hahah
(You Can't see Me) I know it's hard nigga, I'm all up in your face
But you still Can't see Me
(You Can't see Me) All up in your range, but niggas Can't see Me
(20/20 vision won't visualize) I'm in tha flesh baby, but you Can't see Me
(All tho' glasses won't help you realize) You blinded
You blinded
You Can't see Me
(You Can't see Me)
Thug Life baby
Don't believe everything you read
Alazay and weed (You Can't see Me)
(Right before your very eyes, You won't even visualize)
(You Can't see Me)
Dr. Dre all day, 2Pac
Niggas can't see Me, hahaha
I dedicate this, to you PUNK Muthafuckers hahaha
This ones for you big baby hahah
Cause you bitch ass niggas Can't see Me
Niggas Can't see Me
(You Can't see Me)
(See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil)
(You won't see Me)
(First see Me, Now ya don't)
(Wanna see Me, but ya won't)
(Come to see Me, but ya Can't)
(ooohhh, You Can't see Me)
(You Can't see Me)
(Right between your eyes, you'll never realize)
(Right before your eyes, you won't even realize)
(Visualize what you Can't C)

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"Can't C Me" as written by Tupac Amaru Shakur George Clinton

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    General CommentPac,kilt it on this track cuz it was all about exposing all his enemies and making them feel dumb in a sence..He barely gets selfish,and i love it how he spent this whole track on his self picking apart all the fake rappers and punks and the venemous snakes.,(i think pac new ,how so many peoples would be happy 2 see him dead)is what drove him 2 not shut his mouth and expose and confront all his fears and our fears, out loud 2 be heard..
    mademen7L7L7on July 21, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthigh energy song about kicking ass and taking names basically... wrong lyrics here, its

    "I catch them while they coked up and weeded"
    "Im cashing"
    D-Genon September 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics on here say "i'm cashin'
    while they coughed up and weeded"

    I think it goes like this..

    "I catch em while they coked up and weeded open fire now them niggas bleedin"
    blikstaon September 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics on here say "i'm cashin'
    while they coughed up and weeded"

    I think it goes like this..

    "I catch em while they coked up and weeded open fire now them niggas bleedin"
    blikstaon September 27, 2006   Link
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    General Comment.... you feel me?
    swindt412on December 07, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationHe is not talking about the pineal gland when he says "they'll never see the P". That is George Clinton appearing as a guest on this track. Clinton was the creative mind behind Parliament-Funkadelic, also known as P-Funk. Clinton's style of funk music was a huge inspiration on what was to become hip-hop music, especially in the west coast scene. That's why he gives a shout out to the P.
    FerrousFauceton August 18, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationTo take the conspiracy route in regards to this song, the track could be viewed as a warning to his adversaries about his upcoming "disappearing act". We've all heard the "Tupac is alive" conspiracies, I think this song, more than most, provides evidence to support these theories. For example:

    "Right before your eyes, I'll disappear from here"

    "All up in your range, but niggas Can't C Me
    20/20 vision won't visualize"

    "I'm in tha flesh baby, but you Can't C Me"

    "Don't believe everything you read"

    "Right between your eyes, you'll never realize
    Right before your eyes, you won't even realize" (love the word play in these two lines)

    Whether you believe the Tupac conspiracies or not, the lyrics to this song are a bit eerie in regards to what would happen only seven months after its release.

    Yankyidoon February 20, 2009   Link
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    General Comment2pac is referring to the third eye or the "pineal gland" located between the eyes hence the "p." "right between your eyes you'll never realize." this spiritual eye when activated enables one to do many things most people think are impossible. such as predicting the future, seeing spiritual beings and more. look it up if you don't believe me there is more than enough information on this to make you believe it. once you get a bearing on this you will start to see a lot of references to this magical gland throughout his later music and a lot of other spiritual talk. believe me this shit will blow your mind look into it and then go back and listen to some of tupac's most recent albums. but warning it comes with a lot of illumanti/ other paranoia stuff just because it makes you wonder how something so substantial has been kept hidden from the masses for so long. happy reading. pineal gland activation/ decalification thats a good place to start
    haydenp7on March 08, 2013   Link

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