"Trixie" as written by Scott Thomas and Balthazar Getty....
Oh my â?? my minds playing tricks on me
I'm falling for something I know â?? I cannot reach
Can I lay with you â?? and still live with myself
I feel I know you â?? but you're someone else

Oh you're so cruel
To do what you do to me
Your kind of woman
No man should need
You infect me

Trixie girl â?? man you're good
You're the low spark in my neighborhood
And damn you're convincing
I can't stand you kissing the other guys
Come back to my window and cry like a schoolgirl
In your sad disguise

Oh you're so cruel
To do what you do to me
Your kind of woman
No man should need
You infect me

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"Trixie" as written by Scott Thomas Balthazar Getty

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    General CommentFirst off, I want to point out the name play in this song. "Trixie" refers to a female who is, well, tricksy. The said female is cunning and sly. She can play the part like no other girl, make guys fall for her as easy as no tomorrow.

    "Oh my – my mind's playing tricks on me" = He's trapped by her, he sees something that she is not; rather, he is seeing what she portrays, but he knows the truth.
    "I’m falling for something I know – I cannot reach" = He's falling for a girl who isn't real, but rather just an act.
    "Can I lay with you – and still live with myself" = Can he become intimate with her, all while denying that it's all a facade? Can he ignore that he is with someone that is not real?
    "I feel I know you – but you’re someone else" = More reiteration of the idea that he has fallen for her, yet she is playing tricks on him--she is something unreal, a character.

    The chorus covers the idea that she is cruel to feed off his emotions like that; she gets a kind of twisted enjoyment out of playing with guy's hearts. She can put on any face, any personality, for the sake of winning someone over. She gets under guy's skin, and "infects them."

    "Trixie girl – man you’re good" = Tricksy girl; he recognizes her game.
    "You’re the low spark in my neighborhood" = She's the nadir in his life; the low-point. Something he doesn't want to deal with but it's going to be there forever until it's remedied.
    "And damn you’re convincing" = She's successful at putting on a show, and pretending that he's the only guy she wants.
    "I can’t stand you kissing the other guys" = He's not the only one--many other guys are her victim. Once again, he acknowedges that he knows she's fake. Yet, something in him is protective--he wants to be the only guy she kisses, the only one she wants.
    "Come back to my window and cry like a schoolgirl" = I think this refers to a trick she's done. I'm sure that in an effort to make him believe in her, she portrayed emotions of sadness. This often gets guys wanting to protect the girl, to make them no longer sad, and thus strengthen the attraction and connection between the two...
    "In your sad disguise" = ...yet he, once again, recognizes that it was false. She is nothing but fake games.

    One of my favourite songs on the album.
    mandolinon January 21, 2006   Link

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